5 Best Web Hosting Companies

Now that we have entered a new year, let’s take a look at some interesting prediction for 2013. At 100Webhosting.com, we have been reviewing web hosting companies for quite a few years now and we felt that it’ll be useful if we list down our top 5 web hosting companies. Do note that while we do receive a small amount of compensation from some of these web hosts, this does not in any way, affect our opinions on them.

Top 5 web hosting companies

Evaluation Criteria

We will evaluate the hosts’ overall plans but will concentrate on shared hosting plans, which is the most popular plan. Before we disclose the list, do allow me to briefly highlight the criteria we had used to rank the web hosting providers.

  1. Price

    As the hosting industry becomes more and more competitive, hosting providers had resorted to price wars to attract customers. What we are looking for are hosts with reasonably priced shared hosting plans (less than $6 per month) who also offer occasional promotions.

  2. Reliability

    We are more interested in hosts who can deliver 99.9% uptime. We also take into account the technology behind the hosting infrastructure.

  3. Features

    Features like how much bandwidth and disk space, whether they are e-commerce ready, offer unlimited email accounts, free domain name, user friendly website builders and hosting control panel, are just some of the things that we look for in determining the host’s nomination.

  4. Support

    We tested the hosts’ support by signing up and using their services ourselves. We also online chat and email them with queries. They were judged by how fast and how professional the replies were.

  5. Security

    We admit this was a little difficult to determine so we used a combination of online researches (people are more likely to complain when there’s problems) as well as our understanding of their technology.

Five Best Web Hosting Companies

Here is our list of five best web hosting companies:

  1. Bluehost


    We had always recommended Bluehost. The reasons are simple. They provide one of the best no-frills web hosting plans out there. Bluehost offers only one plan i.e. shared hosting and it has all the features that you would need to build your website. There’s no need to compare plans or evaluate how much resources are being offered with each plan.

    You have an all-in-one plan with unlimited domain hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited file transfer and unlimited email accounts. Oh, don’t forget about the free $100 Google Advertising credit, site builder and 1-click script installer, SimpleScripts.

    What is amazing is that Bluehost build and manage their own data centers, servers and fiber network. Therefore, service reliability and security should not be a major concern. I personally find their support team a dedicated and knowledgeable group!

    With all this, there’s no limit to what you can do with your website. And should you decide to cancel your subscription, there’s an anytime money back guarantee.

    All-in-one hosting plan: $6.95 $3.95 per month.
  2. HostGator


    Another strong contender for top 5 web hosting companies is HostGator. They offer 3 types of shared hosting i.e. Hatchling, Baby and Business. Basically, all three plans comprise of similar features except for a few e.g. number of domains allowed, free dedicated IP and free Private SSL.

    This means that all 3 plans have unlimited bandwidth and disk space, free $100 Google AdWords credit (you will need to spend $25 on Google Advertising first), Site Builder, Instant Backups and many more.

    They are an excellent web host and are confidently offering a few guarantees, for example 99.9% uptime and 45 day money back. Have a question? Feel free to chat, phone or email their award winning support team or look up in their tutorials.

    Shared hosting cost: from $3.96 to $11.96 per month, depending on your chosen plan. Use coupon code: BLUEGATOR25 to get 25% off!
  3. InMotion Hosting

    InMotion Hosting

    While InMotion Hosting is famed for offering affordable plans for businesses, they do have a very good personal hosting plan called Launch plan. With 2 free websites allowed and up to 6 parked domains, this plan is excellent for beginners and personal bloggers / website owners. If you intend to start an online store, then you can opt for the Power or Pro plans. These plans have more features and provide more complete e-commerce features, including shopping carts (OsCommerce Shopping Cart, Cube Cart, Zen Cart).

    They also provide free new domain (1st year) or a free transfer when you order their 12 and 24 month shared hosting plans.

    If you are one who is worried about the problems (like downtime) normally associated with transferring a website to another host, then you will want to consider InMotion Hosting. They assured you that your website gets Zero Downtime since you will be given a temporary URL for you to set it up before finally transferring your domain over.

    Shared hosting cost: from $5.56 to $13.95 per month.
  4. HostMonster


    Hosting over one million websites, HostMonster is another leading web host. Did you know that they are sister company with Bluehost? Well, they are and because of this, they shared common features and hosting plan details with Bluehost, like anytime money back guarantee, unlimited disk space & bandwidth, free site builders and online stores. And not to mention, the same great hosting service and 24/7 support too! HostMonster’s technical support is 100% based in the US, in Provo, Utah.

    In addition to the above, you will also get a free domain name and $100 Google Advertising credit.

    You don’t really have to worry about downtime or backups. HostMonster has been around since 1996 and they are committed to providing some of the best hosting experience for their subscribers. If they didn’t, I doubt that they will still be around for so long!

    Shared hosting cost: $6.95 $4.95 per month (limited time only)

  5. IX Webhosting

    IX Webhosting

    They were established since 1999 and though their number of hosted domains is not as great as the others in the top 5, we believe that they offer some of the best shared hosting plans around. They too have 3 shared hosting plans i.e. Expert, Business and Unlimited plans.

    To show you how serious they take your hosting, you are assigned a personal support representative once you sign up with them. So if you do have a hosting challenge that takes longer to solve, you will be glad to speak to the same support person rather than re-telling your story to a different person each time you contact them.

    One of the features that set IX Webhosting apart from the others is that they offer FREE dedicated IP addresses for all their shared plans (yes, including their Expert Plan which costs $3.95 per month before discount). Another great amazing feature is that IX Webhosting also offers a 7 day trial for free. This is on top of a 30 day money back guarantee and once over 30 days, the anytime money back guarantee.Shared hosting cost: $3.95 per month (Use our special promo code 100WEBHOSTING, and you will get an additional 25% discount!)

Editor’s Notes

Now, you may or may not agree with the above list or you may also have other hosts that you think should make the top 5. Do share your thoughts if so. But one thing we are confident you would agree is that these 5 hosts offer some of the best hosting features a shared plan can offer at a very affordable price.

We will constantly monitor them over the year and it’ll be interesting to see if there are any changes in the ranking at year end.

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