5 Free Domain Checker Tools

These days, everybody is interested to get online and have a website or a blog. One of the most important things you need to do to have a web presence is to register a domain name. A good domain name needs to be short, easy to remember and catchy! Once you have an idea for the domain name for your new website, you will need to check its availability, as most good domain names are already taken up by other people.

Here we show you how you can check for domain name availability and optionally grab them before others do! For more tips on domain name, do check our latest article on how to register your desired domain name before they are taken up!

  1. 100 Web Hosting Domain Search Tool

    Check domain name

    The easiest way to check for a domain name’s availability is to use our very own Check Domain Availability tool. It is available at the right column of this page. You just need to enter your desired domain name, and click on the “Check Availability” button to search. Within a couple of seconds, you will get the result. If the domain name you want is available, you are advised to grab it immediately before others do!

    Good domain names are hard to come by these days! Use our free domain check script to make sure your desired domain names are available and register them instantly.

  2. Domain Tools

    Domain tools

    Domain Tools is hugely popular and widely used among Internet marketers and website owners. This website provides a lot of useful tools apart from the domain availability checker tool. These tools are such as Reverse Whois, Reverse IP, Domain History, Typo Generator, DNS stuff, whois, traceroute, ping, and Domain Monitor. Well, I know some of these might sound jargon to a lot of you, but don’t worry as I am sure you won’t be using most of these advanced tools.

    The basic features provided by Domain Tools are free to use, and these are more than enough for our daily needs. The paid features are not necessary unless you are a full time SEO person.

  3. PCnames.com


    I like PCNames.com‘s Web2.0 interface. It allows you to check for the availability of any domain name. Just type in the name you want to check and the tool will tell you almost instantly whether the domain name is available or not. It’s ajax in action! Currently, the supported domain extensions are .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi and .name. Since results are almost instantaneous and the design is intuitive, this website is fun to use!

  4. Whois.net


    Whois.net also provides tools to check for the availability of a domain name, to lookup whois information of a domain name, to do domain keyword research and even a tool to list down all the available domain names which were previously registered. I particularly like the “Search through deleted domains” tool, it is a good starting point to check for good domain names to grab.

  5. Domains Bot


    Domains Bot‘s website design is very simple and clean. Simply enter your desired domain and and the tool will instantly search for its availability and even gives you suggestions of similar domain names just in case you are interested. They even provide a domain search tool for iPhone called “DomainsBot Mobile”. Check it out at their website.

There you are. 5 tools which you can use to check if the domain name you want is still available or not. I would strongly recommend you to use our very own “Check Domain Availability” tool which is located at the right column of this page. This tool is easy to use and it’s quick too! Do let us know if you have any suggestion to make it better.