5 Reasons to Choose CS-Cart for your Online Store

CS-Cart is a leading shopping cart application, and in this article we’ll be looking at some of the benefits of using this rather than other shopping carts.

If you have an e-commerce site, the shopping cart application you use can make a big difference. This has to do not only with the way you manage your site, but with the kind of experience your customers have when shopping. The right shopping cart can make your site work more smoothly and allow you to sell more products.


I have experimented with a few different shopping carts, including WP E-commerce and Magento before I ended up choosing CS-Cart for all my e-commerce needs. Let me explain some of the reasons why.

  1. A Complete Shopping Cart Solution

    Compared to other shopping cart applications, CS-Cart is extremely complete. It gives you the ability to set things up exactly as you want. With other shopping carts, such as Magento, it’s a complex process to make any changes at all.

    With CS-Cart, you can easily set up anything from a small, brand new online store to a major e-commerce site that does lots of business every day. You have many payment and shipping options, which allows you to sell to the maximum number of customers. You can also sell unlimited products, so if you plan to grow your store in the future, this shopping cart will not become outdated for you.

  2. Simple Content Management

    CS-Cart allows you to create and edit anything you can publish on your website and integrate it with your shopping cart. This includes static pages, contact forms, surveys, banners, newsletters and just about anything else you might need.

    There is a menu building function that makes it simple for your visitors to navigate your site and find the product or page that they want. This is an important feature, because customers are not going to spend too much time looking for something if it’s too hard to find.

  3. Runs Smoothly and Without Glitches

    It goes without saying that you want your shopping cart to run as it’s supposed to. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case when it comes to popular shopping carts.

    WP e-Commerce, for example, is a WordPress plugin that many people use for their online stores. Although this plugin has been around for quite a while, it has consistently giving users problems. Aside from the fact that WP e-Commerce is limited in many ways (such as template options it gives you), there are frequent compatibility issues with WordPress updates and other WordPress plugins.

    For Magento, I found that there was an ongoing problem with customers trying to check out. This only happened to a minority of customers, but it was enough to be a real headache. Customers would try to check out and, instead, their shopping cart would get emptied out and they’d be returned to the home page!

    Upon doing some research, I found this is a common glitch with Magento. I hope this issue has been resolved in their latest release.

    CS-Cart is not perfect, but it has one of the best track records of any shopping cart solution when it comes to reliability and consistency.

  4. Ease of Use

    This is an essential quality for a good shopping cart, especially for beginners. Setting up an online store can be difficult and many programs don’t make it any easier. CS-Cart has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to customize your shopping cart according to your preferences.

    The learning curve with shopping carts such as Magento is fairly steep, and it’s easy to run into problems right from the get-go with installation. If you are very knowledgeable about coding you will probably not have problems with Magento, but otherwise I’d recommend a more user-friendly shopping cart. CS-Cart is simple to install and the interface is quite intuitive and easy to use.

  5. Helpful Customer Support

    When you use an application that your business is going to depend on, you want to be sure you have access to great customer support if you need it. Compared to other leading shopping carts, CS-Cart has a very good reputation in this area.

    The same is not true for many other shopping carts. Users of WP E-commerce, for example, often complain that they are unable to reach customer support at all. This is not surprising given that this is a free shopping cart!

    You get 30 days of free technical support when you purchase CS-Cart. This is ample time to install the software and figure out how to use it. After that, the company offers a credit based system where you use up a certain number of credits when you ask for help.

    Many questions, however, can be answered by participating in the CS-Cart community forum which is very active. I never purchased additional support when using this software and never felt the need for it.

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Choose Your Shopping Cart Carefully

When you set up an e-commerce site or online store, you have many choices for shopping carts. This is an extremely important decision, and can have a huge impact on the success of your business.

You want to use a shopping cart that’s convenient for both you and your customers. Some people are tempted to use a free plugin or the cheapest shopping cart they can find. This is usually not a wise approach, as it will usually limit your options or result in a problematic site.


I would strongly suggest that you look over a number of shopping cart solutions and choose the one that seems right for you. Read some reviews and compare features and cost.

CS-Cart is the shopping cart solution recommended by many experienced online marketers. I myself have used and tested many shopping cart applications and find that CS-Cart is the best. If I can only recommend one shopping cart script, that would certainly be CS-Cart!

To see what they have to offer, I urge you to check out their official website.

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