A Sneak Peek of the HostGator Account Manager (HAM)

HostGator does everything, from being a world-leading provider of web hosting services to selling dedicated server packages to offering shared, reseller and virtual private servers. Founded in 2002, the company is based in Houston, Texas and originally began with just three humble servers.

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Who is HostGator

At this point of writing, HostGator is known as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, garnering over a quarter of a million customers in over 200 countries across the globe. HostGator made a pretty big impression in January, 2010 when the company announced that it would donate USD100,000 to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development fund. HostGator is also known to fund breast cancer research as part of its social obligation efforts.

HostGator Hosting Features

Popularity and charity issues aside, the biggest reason why HostGator remains as one of the top players in the web hosting industry is definitely due to its innovative nature to continuously want to offer the best to its growing list of clientele. Currently, the HostGator hosting package boasts of a 99.94% server uptime.

Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to know that HostGator offers one of the most affordable deals around the Internet. The basic Hatchling plan is priced at USD3.96 per month (20% discount now! The original price was USD4.95 per month) with no contract and a 45 day money back guarantee.

Introducing the HAM

This year, HostGator steps up their game by unleashing an upgraded version of their host manager system known as the HostGator Account Manager (HAM), which is targeted to be available to its customers by the end of February, 2011.

HostGator Account Manager, billing

The HAM system is basically an updated version of their current account manager which empowers HostGator users with the convenience of managing their payments and billing details under one interface. The HAM system also allows users the option of managing their dedicated servers, registering new domains and transferring domains to HostGator under HAM as well.

HostGator Account Manager

In other words, HostGators will be able to handle their billing and hosting details under one management system.
The reason why HostGator has decided to centralize everything from VPS accounts to domain name management to HostGator affiliate accounts is because bundling everything up under a one-stop layout will make things pretty convenient for the user, kind of like how an ATM machine can help you pay your bills, withdraw money and transfer money to other parties all at the same time.

Other Fun News

Other than the launching of HAM, another interesting fact is that HostGator is also planning to launch their very own domain registrar that will allow its users to transfer all of their domains to HostGator. In addition to this, current HostGator shared web hosting users may have noticed a new addition to their control panel in the form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, thanks to their partnership with Attracta, a California-based company servicing clients in over 90 countries.

HostGator Domain Manager

What Attracta does is that it automatically generates a sitemap of your site. In the event that you add pages to your website, Attracta will ping major search engines. This way, all of your most updated contents in your website will be indexed by the search engines.

Thanks to the partnership, HostGator shared web hosting users have been able to enjoy a wide array of SEO tools since September, 2010. Tools such as the “Get In Google” tools crawls your site and returns the data to Google, Bing and Yahoo! Whereas the “Google Score Card” feature educates the user on how they can fix common issues to improve their search engine rankings.

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