Apollo Hosting Review

Apollo Hosting is a relatively seasoned player in the web hosting market, having been around since end of 1999. Claiming to be among the first few web hosts to offer live chats and toll-free phone service as customer support, Apollo Hosting is also a member of the Better Business Bureau Online and have won several awards from some web hosting review websites.

Apollo Hosting

To meet the needs of their corporate and individual clients, Apollo Hosting offers two hosting plans under the Linux operating system. They are Starter Plan and Prime Plan. In addition to these, they also provide Windows Hosting and VPS Hosting. But for today’s discussion, we will focus on their Linux hosting offerings which are the most popular plans.

  • Starter Plan

    The Starter Plan is most suitable for those who need a web host for their blog or small website, which have minimal technical requirements. The features are pretty limited in this plan but if you think that you can do away with lesser disk space, data transfer or tools that usually come with the premium plans, then by all means, go for the Starter Plan. Here are the core features of the plan:

    • 50GB of disk space
    • 500GB of bandwidth
    • 1 domain allowed
    • 1 MySQL database
    • 1 POP3/IMAP Email Accounts
    • $3.95/month (2 years signup) or $4.95/month (1 year signup)
  • Prime Plan

    On the other hand, the Prime Plan is recommended if you are running a bigger website and have more requirements and applications. The Prime Plan can also be known as the “unlimited hosting plan” for there are several features that are given without limit.

    At $3.00 more than the Starter Plan, there are some extra goodies that the Premium Plan give you, for example the shopping carts. So if you have an online business that needs shopping carts to function well, you would love to go for the Prime Plan. Below are the important features of the Prime Plan.

    • Unlimited disk space
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Unlimited domains, with 1 free domain name!
    • 50 MySQL databases
    • Unlimited POP3/IMAP Email Accounts
    • $6.95/month (2 years signup) or $7.95/month (1 year signup)

    Why I like Apollo Hosting

    1. Website builder

      Both the Starter and Prime plans come with website builders that ease the task of building a website. You get CM4all’s Website Creator for free, along with 100 Website Creator Design templates and 9 Website Creator pages. These website builders are perfect for new website owners and great for those of you who want to get your website up and running fast!

    2. Free marketing credits

      I usually see other web hosts giving just either free Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Credits but the Prime Plan gives both, and more. You would get $75 worth of Google AdWords credits, $25 Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Search Credits and 60-days of free RatePoint membership. Associated with customers’ trust, RatePoint serves as a platform to provide customer reviews and settle disputes with the help of moderators.

    3. Detailed website statistics

      Apollo provides reports that include graphical web statistics, bandwidth and disk usage monitor and access and error logs. The access log allows you to access raw data generated by the server while the error logs give you a list of errors encountered by the server when users try to access certain pages. Errors include broken scripts, denied access and files that were not found.

    4. Daily data backups

      Not all web hosts perform daily backups of their clients’ data; some do so only once a week. Apollo performs backups everyday using NetApp Snapshot. This way, there are fewer tendencies that you will lose your data should any disaster happen.

    5. Two data centers

      Having the facilities spread out across two data centers improves the bandwidth and performance of your websites. The data centers are secure as they are guarded around the clock daily and its interior and exterior are monitored by CCTVs, among other security features.

    6. US-based customer support team

      This means that if you are located in the US, you wouldn’t have to wait a whole good day for the team in some part of the world to wake up and attend to you. There are also several ways of how you can get in touch with them, namely by email, live chat or by phone. Both hosting plans comes with extensive online tutorials, so if you prefer you are able to first find help topics on your own before contacting technical support.

    Apollo Hosting Plans

    What I don’t like about Apollo

    1. Very limited Starter Plan features

      Cheap or basic plans are usually good enough to host a small website but Apollo’s Starter Plan seems to be lacking in several core features. For example, you would have to pay for a domain name at $14.99 and are given only one POP3/IMAP email account. On top of that, you would have to pay a $10 setup fee for the Starter Plan. This looks rather expensive.

    2. More expensive compared to competitors’ hosting plan

      The Prime Plan is a little pricier compared to the others in the market. It costs $7.95 per month (for a one-year contract) compared to GreenGeeks’ unlimited plan at $4.95, which Apollo charges for its simple Starter Plan! Furthermore, you can even get an additional $30 off from GreenGeeks by using the coupon code “100WH“.

    3. No free domains

      You wouldn’t get any free domains with the Starter Plan for sure, for the plan is pretty basic. However, it is interesting to note that Apollo’s website says that you wouldn’t get a free domain if you sign up for 24 months on the Prime Plan, but you would only get it if you sign up for 12 months! I would think that this should definitely be offered to the clients who have signed up for 24 months too!

    Editor’s Advice

    I think there isn’t anything really interesting or extraordinary with Apollo hosting. The free marketing credits might be the most attractive feature but daily data backups, website builder, detailed statistics and excellent technical support can also be found elsewhere if you do your research well. GreenGeeks is one such web host that offers similar features at lower prices.

    Therefore, GreenGeeks is recommended especially for its current promotion which sees the company slashing its prices to be much more competitive in the hosting industry. Furthermore, you’d get a free domain for life with GreenGeeks, so you’ll get more for your buck.

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