Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

I am sure you had probably given this question much thought before or perhaps even at this point, whether to subscribe for the “expensive but has more features dedicated web hosting” or to settle for the “cheaper web hosting option with basic features” of shared web hosting. Dedicated hosting in this case, refers to having your website and its software (if any) hosted exclusively on a dedicated server, leased from the hosting provider.

Dedicated web hosting benefits

This article does not tell you which to sign up for but instead I will try to guide you to make an informed decision based on your website’s requirements. Shared web hosting vs dedicated web hosting!

While dedicated hosting comes with a lot of benefits, I would not recommend every web owners to sign up for it for the simple reason that you need to justify its cost. Yes, it cost more to have dedicated hosting compared to shared hosting… a lot more. A dedicated hosting plan could set you back anything from $37.95/month to over $200/month, depending on the hosting provider, the length of your contract and the features offered. By comparison, a shared hosting these days, costs between $4 to $8/month.

Dedicated Web Hosting Benefits

So why do so many website owners still insist on hosting on a dedicated server? In order to answer that, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of dedicated hosting.


Since dedicated hosting is solely for your website (or your group of websites) only, this dedicated server is able to ensure better performance and higher uptime, even when there’s high traffic or activity at your site(s). Unlike shared hosting, you will not have to worry about having to share servers with potential problematic websites which may cause your server to fail.


Security is probably one of the main reasons why many choose to have dedicated hosting. You see, if you were to share server with other websites, you are open for threats from bad coding to more serious ones like hackers to damaging ones like viruses. But if you were to have a dedicated server, you would not have such problem unless of course, you introduce them in yourself since only you have access to the server. This too is minimized as most hosting providers offer security options such as firewalls to mitigate these threats.


Since the server is solely for your website(s), you will have full utilization of the CPU and its resources, not to mention having a unique IP address too. This translates to having faster loading speed, which is crucial for websites that are heavy in traffic as well as those which are resource intensive such as gaming sites or E-commerce sites.

Having sole access to the server too means that you will have the entire server’s disk space and bandwidth to yourself. Therefore, running content rich sites are not a challenge anymore compared to when you were on shared hosting!


You will certainly have more freedom in customizing your dedicated server. For example, you can choose the operating system software (Windows or Linux) that works best for your site as well as select the control panel (cPanel, Plesk or vDeck) of your choice.

On your dedicated server, you are free to install any software, plugins or scripts that are required to run your applications on your sites. This is something you can’t do if you were having a shared hosting plan as the hosting provider is concerned that these installations might affect other users’ websites.


Generally, though not always, dedicated hosting plans are given better support assistance. Partly because it requires higher-level technical knowledge to manage the server and also because you are being charged so much for the hosting!

Editor’s Advice

Now that you have decided that a dedicated hosting will benefit your website or online business and have decided to move your website to a dedicated server, it is time to ponder over which hosting provider to go for. There are many out there, some offering decent services and support while others are there to make a quick buck.

You should look for quite a few things while deciding on which dedicated hosting plan to sign up for. I will leave the details in another article, but most importantly is select the one that offers the most features that meet your requirements without breaking your bank account. I have very good experience with LunarPages dedicated servers, and I highly recommend that you pay them a visit on their official website if you are interested to get a dedicated server.

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