Benefits of Using ManageWP For Your WordPress Sites

WordPress is the world’s most widely used blogging and content management system. It’s not difficult to set up a WordPress site, which is one of the reasons so many people use it. However, if you have multiple WordPress sites, it can get complicated to manage all of them. You have to log into each account separately, which can be time consuming if you need to make posts or edits to multiple blogs. That’s where ManageWP comes in.


ManageWP is a service that provides a complete WordPress dashboard that allows you to manage all of your sites from a single place. Let’s look at some of the features and benefits of ManageWP.

What is ManageWP?

ManageWP is not a web host, but a WordPress management console. It is designed for the explicit purpose of allowing individuals and businesses to manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard. The company was started in 2010 and has been gradually developing a good reputation among bloggers who need a more efficient solution to manage their sites.

Automatic backup and uptime monitoring

Here are some of the features that this company provides:

  • Access Your Sites With One Click

    Do you ever get frustrated trying to remember the passwords to all of your WordPress sites? With ManageWP, you can access all of your sites with one click, without having to log in separately to each of them.

  • Bulk Posting

    You may want to publish some of the same content to multiple blogs. Rather than having to do this separately for each blog, now you can do it all at once.

  • Upgrade Sites All at Once

    WordPress upgrades are not rare events. In fact, they happen as frequently as once per month. It’s easy to forget to upgrade, leaving your site more vulnerable to attacks. ManageWP allows you to upgrade all of your sites to the latest WP version with just a few clicks!

  • Manage Themes and Plugins

    If you’re like many WordPress users, you frequently need to add and update themes and plugins. ManageWP makes this simple, by making it easy to see which themes and plugins need updating and to do this quickly for all your sites.

  • Backups

    Many WordPress bloggers have lost all of their data due to computer crashes or hacking. Backing up, however, can be a tedious process. With ManageWP, you can get premium backup services. You can even schedule your backups as you prefer, whether you want this to be done monthly, weekly or even daily!

Additional features offered by ManageWP

Manage multiple websites

Although the main advantage to using ManageWP is the convenience of managing WordPress sites from one single dashboard, they also offer some other useful services as well.

They have powerful SEO analysis tools to help you rank your sites higher in the search engines. You can also integrate ManageWP with Google Analytics so that you can get better feedback on how to optimize your sites more effectively.

Additionally, there are keyword research and ranking tools built into the service. Keyword research is an important component of SEO. When coming up with blog titles and content, you want to choose keywords that will help you rank better. The tools provided by ManageWP will help you do more effective keyword research for all of your WordPress blogs.

Pricing plans for ManageWP

There are several options for using ManageWP. The payment system is set up so that you only pay based on the number of sites you have.

  1. Standard

    $.80 per website/month.

    This plan, which is good for individual bloggers, gives you all of the basic features, including one-click updates and logins to all of your sites. It also includes manual backups and the ability to manage themes and plugins.

  2. Professional

    $2.40 per website/month.

    This plan is appropriate for small businesses and web developers. You get all of the Standard features in addition to scheduled backups to Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3 for added security. You also get Google Analytics integration, client reports and Clone Wizard, which gives you the ability to instantly clone your sites.

  3. Business

    $4.80 per website/month.

    This is a plan meant for larger businesses. In addition to Professional features, you get White Labeling, uptime monitoring, search engine ranking tracker and comprehensive SEO analysis.

These pricing plans allow you to choose the most appropriate level of service. They also give you the chance to try out ManageWP at a low cost and perhaps upgrade later on if you want to take advantage of more features.

Who can benefit from ManageWP?

ManageWP is not a service that’s meant for everyone. If you only have one or two sites or you are a blogger who isn’t very active, you probably don’t need this type of service. This is, however, something that is made to order if you have multiple WordPress sites that you frequently update.

Managing blogs can be quite time consuming. Between posting, editing, updating plugins and themes, updating WordPress itself and backing up your sites, you can spend hours just logging in and out of all your sites. ManageWP is a convenient and affordable solution to this. One good thing about it is that you are charged per site, so you don’t have to pay for services you aren’t using.

If you are considering ManageWP, make sure you choose the plan that’s right for you. Remember that the Standard plan does not include features such as cloning, Google Analytics integration and backups to Amazon S3. That’s why many users prefer the Professional or Business plans.