Best Apps to Enhance Your Wix Website’s First Impression

Wix is a popular tool that lets anyone build a website for free with Wix. You can create any type of site with Wix using a variety of themes and features. This is a valuable resource for people who want an attractive and professional looking site without having to do any coding.

It’s also appealing to anyone on a limited budget who doesn’t want to have to pay to a web designer or developer. In this article, let us explore some of the benefits of using Wix, as well as discussing some of the apps that can make your Wix-powered site even more impressive!

Wix website builder

What is Wix?

Wix is one of the most popular free website tools on the internet right now. More than 30 million websites have already been created using Wix. Here are some of the features that it includes.

  • Point and Click Process

    Anyone can simply sign up with Wix for free and begin building a website. It doesn’t matter if you know nothing whatsoever about programming or web design.

    The system guides you step by step, and you can have an attractive website up and running within minutes. The sites are created using HTML 5, so they are lightweight (and so will load very fast) and have a professional and contemporary look.

  • Wix Learning Center

    The Wix Learning Center fully explains everything that is needed to get started. There are many video tutorials that give you detailed instructions on how everything works. There is also a support forum if you have any questions.

  • Large Selection of Designs

    There are hundreds of themes to choose from. This way you can customize your site based on your own particular interests. If you want to start a business website, there are many designs that are made for this purpose. Some of the templates that are available include a wide variety of subjects such as photography, bakery, fitness training, portfolio & CV, golf, fashion and many more.

  • Premium Plans

    While you can start a website for free using Wix, they also have premium plans if you need additional features. If you want to connect your own domain to your Wix site, it’s only an additional $4.08 per month. There are also several other plans: Combo, Unlimited and eCommerce.

    You can always start off with a free Wix site and upgrade later if you decide you want a more elaborate site. Premium sites also have the advantage of not displaying Wix ads.

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How is Wix Different?

When people hear about Wix, they often wonder if it’s different from other popular website building tools or even other web hosting providers. For example, most web hosts provide a site builder that lets you build a site quickly. These site builders, however, don’t usually provide you with the variety of features and templates, as well as HTML 5 capability that you get with Wix.

Another popular website building application is WordPress. This is a very versatile tool, but it also differs from Wix. To use WordPress, you need WordPress web hosting and you must install and set up WordPress. WordPress is not hard to use, but it does have a certain learning curve. Wix, by contrast, is something you can begin using immediately.

Wix Apps to Enhance Your Site

Now let’s look at some of the apps provided by Wix that help you fully customize your site. Many of these apps are free, though a few have a premium version as well.

Wix App Market

  1. Galerie Social Gallery

    This lets you set up a photo gallery using your photos from Instagram, Facebook or Flickr. Your visitors can easily share these photos on their own social media pages.

  2. Feeder Ninja

    Add social feeds to your site, such as from social media sites (YouTube and Facebook). This gives you more ways to connect with your visitors, and lets them see what you’re doing all over the web.

  3. VideoGallery

    Allows you to showcase your videos in a customized gallery. You can select the videos you want, resize them and give them a look that matches your site’s appearance.

  4. Testimonials

    If you have an online business, testimonials are one of the best ways to enhance your credibility. This app gives you professional looking testimonials or reviews and lets you integrate them with your site.

  5. Form Builder

    Lets you instantly create web forms or surveys. Engage your audience and get valuable feedback by creating forms or questionnaires. You can create contact forms, opt-in forms for your mailing list, event registration forms and more.

  6. Shopify

    This app is for anyone who wants to build a fully branded online store. You can add and edit products in different categories and accept payments from more than 65 payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Stripe and many others. You can try this app 30 days for free.

These are just a few of the many apps that are available with Wix. Most of them are free. New ones are always being added, so you can constantly add new features to your site. Apps give you another way to make your site stand apart.

Wix stores app


Wix is an extremely diverse tool that makes it easy to create a website in minutes. It’s very good for beginners, and anyone who is looking for a way to create a free, yet professional looking website.

Another good thing about Wix is that you can expand and upgrade your site over time. You can add apps to give your site more features. At some point you may want to upgrade to one of their premium plans, yet you are under no obligation to do so. In this way, Wix works well for website owners of every description.

Compared to most other website building tools, Wix is extremely simple and user friendly. There is no need to purchase anything to get started. At some point, you may want to get your own domain and connect it to your Wix site, but this only costs a few dollars per month.

Create a website with Wix

If you are looking for a way to create your own website easily, I suggest taking a look at what Wix has to offer.