Best Hosting with Softaculous Auto Installer

Thinking of starting a website? Then in most cases, you will need scripts and applications. Scripts and applications allow you to add new features to your website. Examples of scripts and applications are blogs (e.g. WordPress), content management systems (e.g. Joomla and Drupal), forums (e.g. phpBB), email clients (e.g. SquirrelMail), e-commerce (e.g. OpenCart and Magento), image galleries, ad management and so forth.

However, installing these scripts and applications can be quite challenging, especially so for beginners and for those who are unfamiliar with the technical aspects of setting up a website.

WebhostingHub Softaculous
(This is a screenshot taken in Web Hosting Hub’s Softaculous)

Fortunately, there are automatic script installers. These installers are an essential part of website building. Auto installers enable easy installation of scripts and applications onto your website.

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is one such auto installer. With 288 scripts and 1,115 PHP Classes as well as more coming, it is no wonder why Softaculous has become one of the most popular auto installers around. It has been installed by millions of users in over 130 countries!

Softaculous allows you to instantly install (and uninstall) many major scripts and applications. This tool also integrates perfectly with most major hosting providers, and the most well known ones are WebhostingHub, InMotion and SiteGround.

Softaculous was first integrated with the popular Linux control panel cPanel. Subsequently, it is made available on other control panels like Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx and H-Sphere.

Is SoftaculousAny Good?

Well, here are some of the few things that I like about Softaculous. Read on and judge for yourself if they are worthy of installation.

  1. User friendly

    You don’t need advance technical knowledge to use Softaculous. It’s really easy to use. Just login to your web host’s control panel and click on the Softaculous / Applications icon to get started.

  2. Wide range of applications

    You can find scripts for almost any category a website would need from blogs and CMS to social networking to e-commerce and survey applications.

  3. Scripts are installed in just one-step

    Some installers like Fantastico required around 3 steps to install a single script.

  4. Updates are frequent

    Softaculous constantly fixes issues and add new applications. This is very useful because certain applications like WordPress are known to release a new version every so often. Softaculous recently released version 4.1.7, fixing bugs and adding improvements. And you will be informed when there’s an update.

  5. Auto upgrade

    This auto installer now allows the admin to upgrade outdated installations via Softaculous admin panel. Very convenient indeed.

  6. Ease of managing new scripts

    You can easily import your scripts that were downloaded through other auto installer and have Softaculous manage these scripts.

Are the scripts in Softaculous free?

Not all but most of them are free. You see, majority of the scripts and applications available for installation in Softaculous are open source and therefore, free to download and use.

Is Softaculous free?

Softaculous offers both free and premium versions. The difference is that the free version has 54 scripts while the premium version offers 288 scripts. The license is available for dedicated server and VPS hosting and costs $24 and $12 per year respectively.

But what if you are a shared hosting subscriber? That’s where the good news comes in. As mentioned earlier, Softaculous has integration with major web hosts. If you choose to host with these web hosts, then you will be able to enjoy Softaculous’ service for FREE!

Which web hosting company offer Softaculous?

There are many web hosts who offer Softaculous for free. This tool comes readily available on these hosting companies’ cPanel control panel. You can find it at Software / Services -> Softaculous. There will be a list of categories on the left menu, from blogs to CMS to e-commerce. Click the category you want and locate the script or application that you wish to install. Follow the simple instructions to install. It’s really that easy!

Alternatively, you can go straight to “Top Applications” on your cPanel where you can find a list of the most popular applications as well as a list of categories too.

You can even make a backup of the applications that you have installed through Softaculous, and should the need arises, perform restoration of the backup onto your website.

Here is a brief discussion of 3 of the most popular web hosts who offer Softaculous on their hosting plans.

  1. WebhostingHub

    Web Hosting Hub

    For those who are already hosting with another web host, you will like Web Hosting Hub because you get a fast and no-downtime transfer. You will get a free temporary URL for you to complete the transfer and ensure that the URL is working before you transfer your website over.

    There’s also a $200 advertising credit for Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo Search. You can use these ad credits to start promoting your websites in the search engines, which will be really handy for new websites.

    Web Hosting Hub also offers a free domain name registration in .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz or .info.

    Hosting price: $6.99 $3.99 per month. This is an exclusive offer for my readers on!
  2. InMotion Hosting

    InMotion hosting

    Another great web host that offers Softaculous is InMotion Hosting. There are 3 shared hosting plans that you can choose from. The differences between them are the number of free sites allowed on a single account, number of domains, subdomains, MySQL databases and FTP accounts.

    This web host is voted as one of our top 5 shared hosting providers.

    If you are running or starting an online business, then InMotion is perfect for you as they are well know for hosting business websites. Their e-commerce features are more than enough to meet your online store’s needs. They too have a zero downtime transfer. You can try out their Softaculous demo too!

    Hosting price: $6.95 $5.56 per month. Special 20% discount.
  3. SiteGround

    SiteGround hosting

    SiteGround is another awesome host who offers Softaculous for free with every SiteGround’s plan.

    They are offering unlimited space and traffic, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL, website statistics, free SPAM protection, speedy technical support and 99.9% uptime guarantee. On top of that, you will also get a free domain name (for .com, .net, .biz, .info, .us and .nl) for as long as you host with them! This is a $10-$20 value per year!

    This host also provides you with the option of whether to host your website on the US or Europe’s data centers.

    Hosting price: $9.95 $3.95 per month. This is a time-limited offer, exclusive to readers of this website only! Sign up with them at 60% off now! Visit their official website and see this exclusive offer.


Having an auto installer helps save lots of time and effort in figuring how to get an application up and running on your website. Softaculous is definitely one of the best auto installer around in terms of features and quick updates.

For most of us who are technically challenged when it comes to programming and setting up a website, this click and point tool is a life saver. The best news is that it is free when you sign up with the above web hosting providers.

I would certainly recommend that you check out WebhostingHub, for they offer great features at affordable prices, especially so whey you can get an exclusive discount when you sign up now.

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