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Just like any other web hosts that offer a one-plan-fits-all solution, iPage supports several scripting languages including PHP and although they aren’t listed on the main feature page, iPage does provide Python and Perl as well. Not only that, the web hosting provider even offers unlimited MySQL database, Server Side Includes and Secure FTP. For those who are looking for the best PHP hosting, iPage is your answer to everything. iPage currently runs PHP 5.2.5 and you can switch between PHP 4 and PHP 5 any time you prefer to.

iPage Web Hosting

While version 4.4.9 is the final version of PHP 4, PHP 5.2.5 isn’t the latest for PHP 5. For those familiar with the PHP programming language, we know that PHP is being updated on a quarterly basis except in cases of a critical issue, where there will be a forced update. On the other hand, the iPage PHP hosting setup enables you to toggle between versions 4 and 5 at anytime you wish. There are four simple steps to toggle between versions:

  1. Start by logging into your vDeck control panel
  2. Find “Scripting and Add-Ons”. Under this option, select “CGI and scripted language support”
  3. Select “PHP scripting”
  4. Find the “Select Default PHP Version” section which says “Select the version of PHP that will be run for files with a PHP extension” and use the drop-down menu to choose either PHP 5 or PHP 4. When you have made your selection, click the “Set” button to the right.

To ensure that your use of PHP scripts on iPage’s server is successful, you can find information on PHP commands from the PHP group’s documentation on the iPage website. The default path for saving session data should be changed to your home directory before a PHP-based application will allow users to login. Users should also take note that while iPage provides PHP and other scripting languages for advanced users, they do not offer any support for the troubleshooting of custom code or scripts or installation as this is not part of the web hosting provider’s terms of service.

However, it still depends on the situation and usually iPage will still offer troubleshooting assistance for your scripts. My personal experience with their support has been pretty satisfactory especially with the live chat help. On normal cases, my live chat requests are usually answered promptly and my problems are resolved fairly quickly within one live chat session.

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If you are still in doubt, you would be glad to know that iPage offers Anytime Money Back Guarantee. This basically means that you can request for refund at anytime you want if you are unhappy with them for whatever reasons at all. No questions will be asked, and you will get your money back! Isn’t this great?!

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