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Ask any web owners about their main concern when it comes to web hosting and chances are they will insist that hosting uptime is their utmost priority. While other factors like excellent customer support and cheap price range are also important, there is no doubt that having a reliable server and network is probably the number one reason that influence web owners to make the decision to host with a certain web host or not!

After all, you wouldn’t want your website to be constantly suffering from downtime subsequent to your signing up with a hosting provider right? If the hosting service is unreliable, it defeats the purpose of signing up with that hosting provider no matter how professional the customer support is or how cheap the hosting packages are.

Bluehost uptime guarantee

Regardless of whether you are a personal/professional blogger or are running a few e-commerce sites, reliable server and uptime is crucial. With that in mind, I am going to look into the uptime feature for one of the popular web hosting companies around, Bluehost.

If you had been reading some Bluehost reviews on the internet, you would notice it was mentioned that Bluehost has a “99.9% network uptime guarantee“. But if you were to check out their website, you would notice that Bluehost does not have such a claim on their website. Does that mean that the reviews were incorrect? Well, no and yes. No, the reviews are correct. It’s just that Bluehost no longer put up this “guarantee” on its website. They used to have it there.

So why has Bluehost removed the 99.9% network guarantee? Does that mean that Bluehost does not guarantee their uptime anymore?

Well, frankly, I wasn’t edactly sure why they had removed the “guarantee”. But curiosity got the better of me so I researched around and chatted with their customer support to find out. Apparently, Bluehost do not guarantee the uptime. It was “always just informational and there was never any compensation for downtime“. Now if you were seriously considering Bluehost as a hosting provider, you may feel that you had been let down and are wondering if the uptime is reliable now that there’s no “uptime guarantee“.

Well, don’t worry. Let me assure you that Bluehost do not need such guarantee as a sales gimmick. They have absolutely reliable network uptime and they know it. Consider these facts:

  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

    Bluehost has an anytime money back guarantee. Now, this guarantee is for real. For the first 30 days, any cancellation is fully refunded. Take it as a trial for their service. Beyond that, any cancellation would be fully refunded on a pro-rated based on the actual days used. There’s no contract unlike quite a few hosting providers out there.

  • Proven Excellent Uptime Track Record

    Bluehost’s uptime has been improving over the years. In recent years, Bluehost’s uptime has been consistently above 99.9% for my websites. A few years ago, my websites used to hover around 99.6% and 99.8% but now, I hardly ever notice any downtime. You can monitor your website’s uptime too and I will show you how shortly.

  • Server Status Notification

    You can check your website’s downtime through It has a free plan as well as premium plans that run tests on your website at certain intervals to identify if there are any downtimes. You would be notified when there is such outages.

    Alternatively, you can check on Bluehost’s website even if you do not have an account with them. Bluehost has a Serve Status Notification page that allows you to track server outages of their servers as well as your website. You can access it through your Bluehost’s cPanel once you have registered with them.

    Bluehost server uptime

    If you still have some doubts, then consider the millions of domains being hosted with them. If their uptime is in question, then won’t you think that most of these website owners would migrate their websites away, including yours truly? If you really think about it, Bluehost charges only $6.95 per month (Discounted, see below).

    If there were to be any compensation for downtime, it would be very minimal since the compensation would be calculated on the amount of time it exceeds the uptime guarantee based on a pro-rated rate of what was paid. Probably won’t justify the amount of work that needs to be done to calculate all these compensations.

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You should also consider all other goodies too like 24/7/365 phone, chat & email support, access to SimpleScripts and $100 free Google credit. I strongly suggest you try out Bluehost’s user-friendly cPanel control panel through their demo page to get a feel of how simple it is to manage your website. With the exception of a few features that would only be available after signing up, this demo does reflect the actual control panel.

The following is a live chat transcript between myself and Bluehost sales live chat.

Nathan: [8:05:51 AM] Thank you for contacting our sales team! My name is Nathan. What domain name were you thinking about hosting with us?
me: [8:05:51 AM] Does Bluehost still provides 99.9% network uptime guarantee?
Nathan: [8:06:19 AM] we still provide the same great uptime we always have 🙂
me: [8:07:00 AM] that’s great… it’s just that I can’t find it on bluehost’s website anymore ??
Nathan: [8:07:45 AM] the proof is in the pudding. anyone can write anything they like, but we prove it with great service and stability.
me: [8:08:23 AM] Oh.. does that mean that it was purposely taken out?
Nathan: [8:08:33 AM] yes indeed
me: [8:08:35 AM] the guarantee I mean
[8:08:50 AM] i see…

Nathan: [8:08:56 AM] the guarantee was always just informational
[8:09:06 AM] there was never any compensation for downtime
[8:09:17 AM] it was merely just letting you know we have very good uptime
[8:09:22 AM] and that has not changed

me: [8:10:26 AM] i see… I always had the impression that it was a guarantee and that excessive downtime would be compensated… hmmm

Nathan: [8:10:49 AM] that has never been the policy
me: [8:11:05 AM] do you have any documents of reports to support this service uptime? 🙂
Nathan: [8:11:30 AM] nope
me: [8:11:50 AM] I mean I am having bad experiences with my current hosting and would like to make sure that my next hosting would be better
Nathan: [8:13:35 AM] understood
me: [8:14:12 AM] guess I have to take your word for it 🙂
Nathan: [8:14:54 AM] we do have a full money back guarantee
[8:15:09 AM] Our hosting service is paid in advance. We offer 1, 2 and 3 years but you can cancel within 30 days and get a full refund and it’s prorated any time after that. So you’re not bound in a contract.

me: [8:15:57 AM] Yes, I’m aware of that and that was one of the reason why I’m seriously considering Bluehost
[8:16:25 AM] Well, thanks for your time… will think a little bit more first

Nathan: [8:16:40 AM] What domain name were you thinking about hosting with us?
me: [8:17:40 AM] am still considering of whether to reuse my current one or to get a new one
Nathan: [8:18:06 AM] you can start with the current name for testing
[8:18:12 AM] and if we prove ourselves
[8:18:17 AM] get a second free domain

me: [8:19:38 AM] 🙂 I like the sound of that… Thanks again Nathan
Nathan: [8:20:25 AM] contact me back when you are ready to get going with this
[8:20:31 AM] i’ll be happy to help you set up

me: [8:21:58 AM] thanks

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