Best Web Hosting with Anytime Money Back Guarantee

It isn’t very difficult to understand the terms “Anytime Money Back Guarantee”. It simply means that if at any time you are dissatisfied with the product or service, you are assured that you can have a refund of your payment. We’ve probably seen this offer extended by stores or service providers on several occasions. Now, this guarantee is also offered by web hosting providers.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

You will need a web hosting provider to publish your website or blog online. A web hosting provider is a company that will provide you the storage and services needed to serve files for your website, usually with a fee. This will enable you to have your website or blog online, so that other people can view it. My advise is that you should choose one that has an “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” offer. Why, you may ask? The reasons are pretty obvious:

  1. There are no risks

    If you are not satisfied with the services provided, be it poor technical support, files that disappear mysteriously or services being down for weeks, you can just cancel your subscription and get your money refunded. This is what we call risk free web hosting!

  2. Quality of the services

    You know that the service provided would be of acceptable quality, else the web hosting provider would never have dared to make such an offer. If you somehow find the services not up to par, no worries, you can just bid goodbye and have your money refunded.

With that said, the obvious disadvantage of signing up with a web hosting provider which doesn’t offer a “Anytime Money Back Guarantee” is that well, you will be stuck with crap services for a year, or at least for the term you have signed up for. Your money is wasted and your website is not up and running properly!

There are quite a number of web hosting providers who offer “Anytime Money Back Guarantee”. Here let’s review some of the best web hosting with this guarantee for your consideration.



iPage is one of the most popular web hosting providers. Established since 1998 and claiming to be the market leader by serving over a million websites, iPage has a string of awards under its belt, namely 2009 Consumer Rankings Best Support Hosting, Best Features Award 2010 and the most recent accolade, Best Support in June 2010.

By comparison to the most of the other players in the industry which only offers a 30-45 day guarantee, iPage allows you to cancel your subscription at any time to receive the remainder of the current payment term. However, if you terminate your subscription in the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund. These refunds exclude a non-refundable $15 domain fee. However, upon termination of the web hosting service, you can choose to either transfer it or point it to a new web hosting server. You are the domain name owner and you get to keep it.



With 15 years of hosting experience, Bluehost maintains that they are the only shared host to offer SSH Secure Shell Access and SimpleScripts 1-Click installs, which enables popular scripts such as WordPress and Joomla to be installed easily. Bluehost also offers True Resource Management which protects you from slowdowns that are caused by abusive users who unintentionally or deliberately consume too much memory, CPU or disk I/O operations.

We all have Bluehost to thank for being the first web hosting provider to come up with the Anytime Money Back Guarantee, subsequently prompting other providers to extend similar offers, benefiting all the customers out there.

Just Host

Just Host

Just Host boasts to be “The last hosting plan you’ll ever need”. Just Host offers a “No questions asked” policy should you decide to cancel you hosting account. Just like iPage’s offer, any remainder of the term will be refunded minus the setup and domain registration fees. And again, you get to keep your domain name.

If Just Host had registered a domain name for you, your cancellation refund would exclude the cost of the domain name. You will then be able to take your domain elsewhere after Just Host releases it after 60 days, which is the waiting period set by ICANN, the non-profit corporation that governs Internet naming standards, before one is allowed to make a transfer.

IX Web Hosting


Another long-timer in the industry, since 1999, IX Web Hosting works with 110,000 clients hosting 470,000 sites. They believe that excellent customer service is essential to its growth, so much that every client is assigned their own support agent that can be contacted directly to cater to their every whim and fancy.

IX Web Hosting is one of the very few that offers a free trial period of 7 days. Customers will only be charged after 7 days, so this saves you the trouble of requesting for refunds should you decide to terminate the web hosting services in the first 7 days of subscription.

“Anytime Money Back Guarantee” is also offered to all customers, where they can get a full refund of the current month’s fees and any other amount that has been paid in advance. Once again, the refunds will exclude setup and domain fees. You are welcomed to provide some feedback on why you feel that IX Web Hosting’s services isn’t satisfactory, so that they can improve.

So, there you are. We have filtered through tens of the most popular web hosting companies and shortlisted the best four which offer the excellent Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Take your pick and safeguard your websites by going for one of these web hosting providers!