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Word has been going around that WPWebHost are among the best hosts for WordPress. This is indeed true from my experience of hosting WordPress blogs and websites with them, as they really offer the features of what an excellent WordPress host would be. You can also check out WPWebHost official website to find out their features.

WPWebHost WordPress Hosting

Price: $7.95/month $5.56/month
Size: 50GB Space, 500GB Bandwidth, 50 Add-on Domains, Unlimited Email Accounts
Special: Free domain forever, Specialized WordPress support
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WPWebHost started out just recently in 2007 as a team of webmasters creating and managing their own websites which were mostly blogs. The idea of hosting WordPress websites was mooted when they discovered that many web hosts had server configurations that weren’t compatible to be used with WordPress. So WPWebHost was born and landed their first hosting client three months into the business!

WordPress Hosting Features

WPWebHost has a host of features that are especially WordPress-friendly, making them one of the preferred hosts for websites that uses the WordPress platform. The key features that WPWebHost have are:

  • WordPress optimized servers

    WPWebHost utilizes servers that are tailor-made to be used with WordPress, resulting in optimal site performance and best compatibility. Even better is the use of CloudLinux which prevents the sharing of resources with other clients, ensuring that your websites are always up and running at a satisfactory speed.

  • Free WordPress themes and plugins

    You do not have to scout around for website themes as WPWebHost provides high-quality ones to you for free. You will be bound to find one that you fancy regardless of whether you have a personal blog, a photo gallery, an e-commerce website or a site that features the latest insights of the industry. On top of the free themes, you’d also receive free plugins, allowing you various other features that enhance the functions of your website.

  • Free domain name for life

    As long as you remain hosted with WPWebHost, you do not have to pay anything for your .com/.net /.org /.biz /.info domain. However, if you’re on the Rookie Plan, the domain would only be free for a year but it’s still a good saving nevertheless. On other web hosts, you may have to fork out $10 or more for the domain name, on a yearly basis.

  • High website loading speed

    WPWebHost understands the frustrations of website owners and visitors when they are facing with a lagging website. That is why all of WPWebHost’s hosting plans come with CDN technology to boost the loading speed of the websites. CDN refers to a system of servers that are placed at different points in the network to maximize the bandwidth for data access. These servers contain copies of data, and visitors and users from all over the world would be able to access them more quickly and easily. The best bit is that CDN (Content Delivery Network) is made available to all hosting clients for free!

  • Free SEO tips

    Having a website is all about getting high traffic and good readerships. WPWebHost helps you do so by providing tips on how to optimize your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the right methods, your website would appear higher in Google searches, subsequently leading to better traffic, higher ad revenue and increased conversion rates for your products and services.

  • WordPress savvy technical support

    Being a host specifically for WordPress sites, you can count on WPWebHost’s support team to provide assistance and troubleshooting if you encounter any WordPress-specific issues. Clients facing any problems with installation, plugin or themes can opt to contact the team via live chat or by opening a ticket. There are also video tutorials, a knowledge base and a blog that one can look through first to find similar help topics or just to enhance general knowledge.

Free themes and plugins

WPWebHost Discount Coupon

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This hosting coupon code doesn’t work on the Rockstar Plan (WordPress Virtual Private Server) and the VIP Plan (WordPress Dedicated Server). However, if you are planning to sign up for either the VPS or the dedicated server, let us know your interest and we will get you a good coupon code that will work on these plans! Just drop us a message below!

Editor’s Advice

If you are looking for a good WordPress web host, look no further as WPWebHost is the best answer to your needs. It isn’t easy finding a host that caters specifically to the needs to WordPress users and getting a good one is even rarer. Therefore, with the features and functions listed above detailing why WPWebHost makes a good WordPress host, you can be sure that hosting with them is a decision that you wouldn’t regret making. If your website is already being hosted elsewhere, fret not as WPWebHost not only migrates your website but for free too. Yes, they can migrate or transfer your website for free!

So what’s holding you back from hosting with WPWebHost? Check out their website now!

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