Bluehost cPanel Control Panel

Today, let’s have a closer look at Bluehost’s cPanel control panel. A website hosting provider’s choice of web hosting control panel is crucial to determine how well their customers’ hosting experience is going to be. After all, the control panel is the first place you would go to set up your domains, website and email accounts and subsequently, to manage them. Among some of the other hosting features that you can accomplish on the control panel are setting up a database, managing security, installing applications and managing FTP accounts.

cPanel Control Panel

Bluehost control panel demo

In Bluehost’s case, they incorporated the popular cPanel, a Linux based web hosting control panel designed as an administrative tool to assist users in hosting websites. cPanel has indeed come a long way from the cPanel of yesteryears. They have updated their system over the years to provide a well design, professional cPanel version.

Personally, I think it’s the best web hosting control panel as it is fast, user-friendly, features rich and most importantly, reliable. It is simple to navigate around for beginners and has enough options to keep the more advanced users happy, including the advanced cron jobs management. One lovely feature of Bluehost’s cPanel is that the individual sections are collapsible and you can drag the sections around too, thus, allowing you to organize the control panel to suit your working style.

For beginners, the cPanel offers how-to videos and getting started wizard in the Preference section, to help you find your way around. It too has many useful Partners such as SiteLock, Professional Web Design, Norton for small Business, Website Templates, free shopping cart and even a free phone system!

Bluehost Control Panel Demo

Having said all these, nothing really convince better than a first-hand experience. And with Bluehost, you can. The same can’t be said about many other web hosting providers in the market. Bluehost understands that most people would want to test out the system before committing to a web hosting plan. Thus, they have taken the trouble to create a cPanel demo site for this purpose. I find this a win-win situation because besides providing an opportunity for us to try the control panel, it also reflects how confident Bluehost is about their control panel.

Click here to try Bluehost cPanel control panel

I would suggest you check out the demo and judge for yourself why Bluehost is the top ten hosting providers in the world, with over 2 million domains hosted.

Bluehost review

I am sure you would be happy to learn that Bluehost is now offering its Professional Web Hosting plan for only $3.95 per month. For that low price, you get, among others, unlimited hosting space, $100 free Google Credit and a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. However, should you decide to cancel your plan, you can do so whenever you want for they do not bind you on annual plans like most other hosting providers do. To them, it’s the service that counts.

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