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All websites requires a domain name to function on the internet and today I am going to share with you how to get a free domain name! Just like your home address, it is unique to your home or in this case, your website. Therefore, domain names need to be registered with the Domain Name Registrar to secure that particular internet address you have chosen and to ensure that no one else is allowed to use the exact same one. You would need to have it renewed annually to maintain this domain name.


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But having a registered domain does not mean that your website will immediately be available on the internet. You will also need good web hosting services, like what Bluehost offers. A good web hosting provider is one who provides reliable facilities such as good data centers with uninterrupted power supply (UPS), high end servers and high-speed fiber connections. The web host should also provide 24×7 technical support and most preferably with live chat help too!

Bluehost is one the few great value-for-money web hosting providers in the world today, providing worry-free hosting to their customers.

Free Domain Name Registration

When you sign up with Bluehost, you will be given one year free domain registration. Bluehost used to provide free domain registration as long as you host with them. But since 2011, they have changed this rule, offering only free domain registration for the first year, via credit to your account. So if you have an existing active domain, you could always convert this credit into the following year’s registration fee.

I know that there are some hosting providers who offer free domain name registration for life but these providers would generally shortchange you on other features like unreliable support or squeeze more accounts on a server. Remember, they are in business to make profit after all.

I would prefer to be hosted by a trusted provider such as Bluehost who guarantees 99.9% network uptime. Wouldn’t you? Moreover, renewal of domain registration costs only approximately $10 per domain per year. What’s an extra $10 per year for a peace of mind hosting, right?

Bluehost livechat

Tips: Chat with their customer support and see if you like their services! Test out their demo too.

  • Domain Name Ownership

    Once you have registered the domain name, it belongs to you as long as you keep renewing it. You own the rights to that domain name regardless of which hosting provider you host with. Therefore, it is possible to transfer your domain name or change its DNS settings to another web host without any problem.

  • Domain Name Extensions

    Bluehost a whole list of top level domain name extensions such as .com, .net, .org and .biz. International domain extensions like .uk, .fr and .jp can be hosted by Bluehost but you are required to pre-register it with the local authorities authorized Registrar.

  • Unlimited Add-on Domain Hosting

    There’s no limit of websites and domains that you can host with Bluehost. You can host an unlimited number of websites and domains under a single web hosting account, and it’s all free… i.e. you don’t have to pay extra for it. Isn’t this great? For example, you can have a blog, a portfolio website, and an E-commerce website all under a single hosting account!

Editor’s Advice

Bluehost is a very reliable web hosting company. They were established in 1996, making them one of the oldest (and wisest) web host in the industry. They continued to grow over the years and is now ranked among the top web hosting companies by many review websites. In fact, Bluehost is consistently ranked in the top 3 web hosts on our top 10 web host list.

Good news! Bluehost is currently offering their most popular Professional Web Hosting plan at a huge discount. For only $3.95 per month, you get the aforementioned free domain name registration for 1-year as well as other great features such as unlimited disk storage, unlimited email accounts, Free Site Builder and even $100 free Google Credit.

Bluehost Demo

No, you don’t have to sign up immediately. Take your time, check out more about Bluehost hosting at their demo page. This demo shows how easy it is to use the hosting control panel they provide. You can also contact their 24/7/365 customer support for more information.

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