Bluehost Free Google AdWords Credit

As Bluehost has been in the web hosting industry for so long (since 1996), they understand the frustration of website owners and their needs in marketing their websites. Thus, Bluehost is throwing in a generous amount of marketing bonuses to help you jump start your marketing campaign. Their offer varies from time to time.

The current marketing bonus for new Bluehost’s sign-ups is a $100 free Google credit.

Free Google AdWords credit

Free Google AdWords Credit

What this essentially means is that you can now create and place advertisements with Google and thus reach your potential customers or readers more efficiently. Why Google? Well, for one, Google is the most popular search engine on the internet and they get millions of search queries daily. In July 2008 alone, has recorded 7.5 billion searches (source).

With that kind of traffic (and remember this statistic was way back in 2008, it must be much higher now) I am pretty sure you would like to see your website sitting at the top of the search results page. Think of all the traffic that can be directed to your site. But since everyone wants the top place, Google has come up with a priority ranking algorithm ie PageRank. Web owners like you and me now need to create more SEO friendly websites in order to gain higher PageRank.

Google PageRank

Newer websites and blogs may face some challenges in gaining high PageRank. This is where the $100 free Google credit comes in handy. You can use this credit to purchase advertisement spot with Google AdWords. You have a few choices eg Pay Per Click, site targeted advertising and banners. And you can also choose the audience network eg local, national or international. What better way to gain maximum exposure of your website than through free advertisement in Google. For a more detail guide on how to use Google AdWords, you can also check Bluehost’s helpdesk.

Whether you are using this credit as a trial to evaluate if AdWords is the appropriate marketing channel or as a marketing boost for your new online business, won’t you agree that this promotion is a great offer?

And you know what… you are actually getting more than what you paid for. Let’s look at the numbers. If you were to sign up with Bluehost today, it’ll only cost you $3.95 per month (special price for readers of this website. Standard price $6.95 per month). Even if you were to host with them for 2 years, that’ll cost you $94.80 ($3.95 per month X 24 months). Hey, did you realize that it’s less than the free $100 free Google credit that you are getting from them! Wow!

This special price of $3.95 per month (for 2 years plan), and $4.95 per month (for 1 year plan) is only available through this website. Standard before-discount price starts from $6.95 per month.

So does that mean that Bluehost will only profit from your subsequent years of hosting? I pretty much guess so. This also proves that Bluehost’s hosting is indeed reliable. Because if they sucks, then most of the web owners would have moved their websites away to other hosting providers before the year is up and Bluehost won’t be able to earn enough profit to sustain their own business let alone carry on giving the promotional credit, right?

Editor’s Advice

Now to be honest, this is not the highest credit a hosting provider is giving out. But it is certainly one of the best considering the price that you are paying for. Remember that Bluehost is also offering a no-contract plan, which means that you can cancel anytime and get a pro-rated refund back, not to mention the special discounted price you are getting from this website at $3.95 per month only! More questions? You can always ask me or contact Bluehost’s 24/7/365 phone, chat & email support team.

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