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Wouldn’t you love to have a program that gives you the ability and freedom to build your website the way you want, without the need for you to take up an intensive web design course? Well, that’s what the Microsoft Office FrontPage software does. And doing a great job at it too!

What is Microsoft Office FrontPage?

Microsoft Office FrontPage, also simply known as FrontPage, was one of the most popular website developing software back in the 90s.

FrontPage hosting

It was first bundled with Microsoft through Microsoft Office suite 1997 and this lasted until 2003. Even though it is now replaced by its successors Microsoft Expression Web and Sharepoint Designer and is no longer technically supported by Microsoft, many still prefer to use this software for website building.
Creating websites with FrontPage is super easy and fast because:

  1. It is a powerful tool that incorporates the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. This means that you do not need to mess around with complicated HTML codes. Instead, you just need to create and edit the design elements as they are seen. Thus enabling beginners or those with limited knowledge of computer skills, to build websites and web pages.
  2. It allows anyone to create rich content websites themselves without needing to employ professional website developers or learn programming languages eg HTML, PHP or other type of scripts.
  3. Alternatively, if you prefer to amend the HTML directly, you can also do so on the HTML layer.
  4. Changes made on a single web page are tracked by the application and reflected in all other pages. This reduces time spent on redundant work.
  5. Other tasks that are made simple with their point and click feature includes adding hyperlinks, designing navigation bars, importing images and so on.

Many web developers, both skilled and otherwise, have remained loyal to FrontPage when choosing websites building application. Realizing this, some hosting providers still offer the use of the FrontPage and FrontPage extensions as part of their hosting package features. One of which is Bluehost.

Does BlueHost Support FrontPage?

Yes, Bluehost is a FrontPage web hosting provider. They have FrontPage Extensions in their control panel for this purpose.

FrontPage Extensions

Now, you may argue that there are many hosting providers who are offering free website building tools and templates, so why be bothered with this particular software. That’s true. You can always sign up with them and still create an awesome websites. But wouldn’t you prefer a hosting provider that gives you a choice? Like Bluehost does?

Why BlueHost is a Great Web Host?

Because it offers both FrontPage and alternative website building tools through their SimpleScripts applications installer. So you get the flexibility of choosing which application you wish to use… at no extra costs.

BlueHost is also known to provide reliable services and great features such as 99.9% uptime, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, 24/7 support, email support and e-commerce tools. As a website owner, you certainly do not want to be burdened with related features like uptime, bandwidth, disk space, technical support and so on, so it’s very important to pick a reliable web host with proven track record!

For a professional web hosting package at $6.95 $3.95 per month, it’s a deal that’s worth signing up for. You are assured of state of the art technology boosted by their own data centers, own servers and own multiple 10 GB fiber connections. Bluehost’s customer support is of world class, with an average live chat wait time of less than 1 minute and an average phone call wait of less than 2 minutes.

Take advantage of the special offer pricing. $3.95 per month, instead of the standard $6.95/month.

So, with such great features and affordable package, it is little wonder why BlueHost is one of the best FrontPage hosting providers around today. If you are looking for a reliable hosting service company that also offers the FrontPage Extensions, then do consider BlueHost!

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