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Having a website is not just to create an online presence. It is essentially more than that. It’s about developing a relationship with your readers where you strike a friendship with your visitors, enticing them to return to your website, to increase brand awareness or if you have an online business, to purchase your goods or services. Like all types of relationships, 2-way communication is crucial and to make this happen you need a reliable email system from your web host or a third party provider.

Bluehost email

Having a fantastic website with great design and lots of posts do not guarantee readers returning to your website or turning into customers. But good communication will. Your visitors will want to know about the guy or gal behind that website. That you are for real and not just some words. And there’s no better way to communicate with them than through emails.

Do you need Personalized Email Account?

There are plenty of free webmail providers like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail that are free and readily available. But wouldn’t it generate a better perception (especially to your customers) when you have your own hosted email? Not only that, but personalized email accounts:

  1. Allows your visitors or potential customers to easily remember (since it bears your domain name) and contact you should they wish to.
  2. Are advertisement-free and thus quicker and more user-friendly for you to use.
  3. Gives the impression that you are serious about your website or business and that you are legitimate and not a fly-by-night kind of website!

So how do you go about getting your own email accounts? Fortunately, some hosting providers like Bluehost, offer email accounts to their hosting plans subscribers for FREE.

Host your email accounts on Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the better hosting providers in the market to date and offers lots of features in their hosting plan like unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 US-based support, SimpleScripts 1-Click installs, $100 free Google credit, free site builder with templates, free domain and free email accounts.

  • Simple To Set Up

    Bluehost’s email accounts are very easy to set up. With Bluehost’s cPanel control panel, setting up an email account takes literally seconds to complete.

    cPanel email accounts

    While in the cPanel, look for the Mail category and find the “Email Accounts”. From here, just follow the steps on the screen and fill in the information and you will have created your email account in just a few clicks. Should you have any problem at all you can get instant help from Bluehost’s Live Chat Support.

  • Unlimited Email Accounts

    Yes, you get unlimited email accounts!

    This works out great if you have, say, 10 people working in your company since you can allocate each of them with a personal email account. Even if you are the sole owner (or the only user) of your website, you can still make full use o f this feature, by allocating different email accounts for different purposes eg and

    Each of these personal email accounts come with their own email address, their own login and their own password. You will also get the option to set a mailbox quota for each email account or you can just leave it as unlimited. As the administrator of the website, you have full control over the email accounts.

  • Access using Email Clients or Webmail

    You have the option to access your Bluehost email accounts via your email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mac OS X Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, or your respective mobile devices like iPhone, Android phones and Blackberry. Or you can choose to view your emails online, through any of the 3 webmail programs.


    If you choose the latter, Bluehost offers 3 different webmail solutions eg Horde, SquirrelMail and Round Cube. Again, you have a choice, which webmail program you want to use is completely up to your preference, as each has their pros and cons. All 3 are free and pre-installed in your cPanel.

    If you prefer to use other webmails like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail, you can also do so. You just need to configure it for the first time, which can be done easily.

    There are plenty of articles in Bluehost’s knowledgebase section to assist you in this. Besides this, you could always contact their friendly support team for assistance.

  • POP3 And IMAP Email Support

    POP3 is an email protocol that is used for those who would like to have their emails downloaded and kept on their computer for re-viewing later. This generally also serves as a backup for the emails.

    On the other hand, IMAP is used when you wish to opt for your email to be saved on the server. Both these protocols are supported by Bluehost.

  • Antivirus and Anti-Spam protection

    You can rest assured that Bluehost is just as concerned about spams and viruses as you are. That’s why they are offering 3 options that come readily-installed in the cPanel control panel.

    Postini is a reliable premium spam and virus protection tool. As a Bluehost user, it only costs you a mere $1 per email address per month for its service. This is a great discount offered only to Bluehost users!

    Email spam filtering

    Alternatively, you could choose to activate the free Spam Assassin or Spam Hammer, both are very effective in filtering spam emails.

Bluehost’s email accounts are packed with features and are user-friendly. You can try it out at their demo cPanel control panel and judge for yourself. At $6.95 $3.95 per month (discount offered only to readers of this website), Bluehost is one of the most affordable web hosting plans in the market today, considering all the features that you will be getting!

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