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Reliability. That’s the one thing that we (website owners) look for when selecting a web hosting provider. Would the hosting provider in question be able to provide and maintain a good record of uptime over a long period of time, like what Bluehost offers?

Or would we experience so much downtime that we will seriously consider to move to another web host? Unfortunately, there are a few web hosting providers out there who would compromise quality over price. But seldom are these hosting providers able to sustain their business for long in this competitive industry!

Bluehost - reliable web hosting

To be fair, Bluehost did receive their share of feedback about downtime previously. But then again, which hosting provider has not? Truth be told, there is not one hosting provider who can provide 100% uptime. If it does, then you would need to exercise caution when evaluating their services. Think about it, at the very least, servers require service maintenance and upgrading. These would definitely result in planned downtime, wouldn’t it?

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

    What I think is more important than the frequency of downtime, is what the hosting providers do when there is a downtime, both planned and unplanned. From my 6+ years of experience hosting with Bluehost, I have had a few occasions of downtime and when I brought it up to their technical support, they had been very professional in dealing with my complaints. I am happy to report that these downtime were rectified shortly afterwards. After all, Bluehost does have a 99.9% uptime guarantee to deliver.

  • Bluehost’s Technology

    What really sets Bluehost apart from its competitors is that Bluehost has their own datacenter, own servers, own nationwide fiber network and customize their own Linux kernel. This requires huge investments and because of this, most hosting providers in the market, big or small, would rather lease these facilities. But not Bluehost. They do so in order to ensure that they have as much control over the service they provide rather than having to depend on others to mitigate their downtime. Now you understand why their downtime is usually short-lived?

  • One Bad Hat / Server

    Chances are that those who complained about Bluehost’s downtime may have had their websites hosted in one of the hosting provider’s “troubled” servers. All hosting providers have one or two such servers, sort of like the bad hats of the group of servers. These servers are the ones that “contributed” to the majority of the hosting provider’s 0.1% downtime.

    Do note that a hosting provider’s uptime is calculated based on the average uptime of all its servers. If Bluehost’s service had been so unreliable, it wouldn’t have been able to survive as long as it had, which is over 15 years, right? On top of that, they are signing up more than 20,000 new customers a month!

Bluehost has recently announced that they will also provide VPS and dedicated server hosting. This is a really good news for all of us. Check out this infographic for more info!

True to its reputation as a value-for-money web hosting provider, Bluehost is currently offering a hard to ignore promotion for their hosting plan.

For only $3.95 per month, you get your website hosted as well as a whole lot of great features like 99.9% uptime guarantee, anytime money back and unlimited hosting space. Why not take a test drive over at their demo page today and judge for yourself. Should you have any questions, do take it up to their friendly customer support team… anytime, any day.

Of course, you could also drop your queries in the comment box below. We are a team of experienced webmasters who are more than delighted to help you choose the best web host!

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