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Now that e-commerce is well accepted and m-commerce is on the rise with the increase in online shopping through mobile devices, it is not hard to see why there is a boom in e-commerce stores (and of course groupon clone sites) lately. These days, you are able to see online stores selling products and services that were once solely distributed by traditional brick and mortar stores, from normal items like clothes and phones to hard to find things like antiques and collectables to crazy ones like an empty can of diet coke!

It seems that everyone has something to sell. Not that I am skeptical about e-commerce. Not at all. In fact I am all for e-commerce. It gives people like you and me a chance to be our own boss without having to go begging for loans or sourcing for the right physical store location. All these have risks, sometimes too much risks.

Bluehost review

By comparison, setting up your own online business requires less preparations and much lower initial capital. And there are a number of web hosting providers around who offer dependable hosting and excellent support like Bluehost.

However, there is one matter that could affect your online business’ potential and that is TRUST.

Studies revealed that a high percentage of consumers have significant concerns about personal information such as credit card information, usernames, passwords and social security numbers being stolen or lost by a website in a data breach. So, it is truly important that your online business address these concerns.

How do you go about it? Well, this is where your web hosting provider plays a major part.

SSL Server

Among the e-commerce features that you can expect when you go with Bluehost are great choices of shopping cart software to choose from and also that the servers are secure SSL servers.

In case you were wondering, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is a security system that encrypts data that passes through it. In other words, sensitive information, like credit cards numbers and personal information are protected from being stolen by those with bad intentions through this encryption.

Https padlock

SSL protected page can be identified through the protocol of the page, “https” instead of “http” at the web address and also a security padlock icon. Any experienced online consumer would at least search for these signs before proceeding with their online purchases. Thus, it is important that online businesses provide such secure e-commerce web hosting for a safer business environment and thus, encourages purchases and reduces abandoned shopping cart percentage!

Free Shared SSL Certificate

Give your potential customers the confidence that your online shopping site is secured and that credit cards and personal information are not at risk of being stolen is by displaying an SSL certificate. With this in mind, Bluehost provides a shared SSL certificate FREE with its hosting plan. Despite it being a shared certificate, it does assure your customers that your website is secure and trustworthy!

Alternatively, Bluehost also offers dedicated SSL for those who need extra security, especially those running more complex sites with a dedicated server. However, there will be extra costs involved.

Editor’s Advice

If you operate or plan to start an online business or a website that collects sensitive or important data, you should take SSL into serious consideration as protecting your users’ data is crucial. The scary thing is that all it takes is just one data breach and majority of your customers would not be returning and worse, they will let their family and friends know of it too. Therefore, it is extremely important to find a web hosting provider such as Bluehost, who is able to provide your customers the level of trust to enable them to shop safely and for you to run your website with peace of mind.

What’s more, for only $3.95 per month (discounted from $6.95/month), you would also be getting reliability hosting with 99.9% guaranteed network uptime, a free domain name, $100 Free Google credit, and awesome customer support! Last but not least, for the peace of mind, Bluehost hosting accounts come with Anytime Money Back Guarantee!

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