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In the competitive web hosting industry, many web hosting providers have resorted to offering tons of great features at very attractive prices. I am not just talking about those one-man shows who run the whole hosting setup from his garage. Nope. I’m referring to top web hosting providers who are hosting millions of websites and who had invested in the latest hosting technology!

Google, do some research and you will find these hosting providers offering reliable services, unbeatable uptime, excellent customer support and some even throw in useful website building tools and marketing resources such as free Google AdWords credits. While these are most desirable to the users, it may pose a new challenge:

Which web host should you choose?

Well, there are still some hosting providers who have features that set them apart from the others. You just need to know what to look for. Take Bluehost for example. Other than offering all the aforementioned features, they also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly hosting.

There are many factors that would affect a website’s search engine ranking and one of them is the web hosting service. A beautifully designed website is great but only half the battle is won here. Your website also has to be able to attract visitors. This is where website promotion comes into play.

Ultimately, we would want our websites to rank high in search engines in order to get as much exposure as possible and to attract traffic. Yes, you can opt to advertise in search engines in order to be placed higher in search result pages. But did you know that more than 70% of search engine users prefer to click on natural listings than paid listings?

Therefore it is essential that you choose web hosting companies that are supportive in providing the necessary SEO tools and services. Bluehost offers lots of SEO promotional tools that you can make use in your quest to direct more traffic to your website.

Here’s a look at how Bluehost helps in optimizing your website.

  • Website Statistics


    There are a few comprehensive statistic logs that you can use to monitor your website’s statistics including how well your SEO efforts are doing. These programs are such as Latest Visitors, Webalizer, and Awstats. You would be able to identify which search terms are used more often and which page is more popular. This way, you would be able to tweak your website and its content to take advantage of these information.

  • Search Engines Submission

    Bluehost SEO

    Bluehost web hosting plan comes with free search engine submission. This way, you don’t have to wait for the search engines to crawl to your pages, which could take a few months. Instead, Bluehost’s applications would help ensure Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask are aware of your pages without the need to wait for such a long time!

    This is a great feature especially if you are starting a new site or well, would like to increase your page ranking without having to pay so much to a professional online marketer. There’s also the Google map listing which helps you optimize your local business search strategy.

  • Professional SEO Services

    For those who are serious about ranking high on search engines and are willing to part with some investments, Bluehost also offers Professional SEO Backlink Services. It’s kind of like a SEO boost for your website.

    SEO Services

    To increase your website’s search engine ranking and hence, more bring visitors, Bluehost’s Professional SEO Services include the following:

    • SEO Writing
      Their team of professional SEO copywriters will create the custom content needed to make your website stand out from the competition.

    • SEO Linking
      Bluehost’s team will write and distribute original content to generate links to your website, increasing the search rankings and ultimately, your traffic!

    • Analysis and Reporting
      Month in, month out, they will create fresh content and distribute it, so that other sites link back to yours. Plus, with weekly analytic reports, you can measure your success!

      Visit Bluehost’s official website and check out more details on their SEO services!

Bluehost, are you sure?

The good thing about Bluehost web hosting is that if you are unsure of how to use certain applications or if you did mess up some of the features, there are always lots of help just a phone call, live chat or email away. Anytime of the day.

Alternatively, you could also search in their knowledgebase articles or the online forum. For $6.95 $3.95 per month, Bluehost is indeed one of the most dependable and affordable and not to mention customer-centered hosting provider in the market today!

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