Bluehost SimpleScripts

A good friend once remarked that this is fast becoming an instant world. There are instant noodles, instant hotel bookings, instant news and instant payment for things. And now, instant websites. Can you imagine building a professional website in just a few minutes? Well, I sure didn’t a decade ago! I remember having to learn up the basics of building a website from scratch and the computer language I needed to master in order to install the necessary software. It took me well over a month for the website to be up and running and it didn’t even look half as good as those instant websites these days!

Bluehost hosting

Hosting providers like Bluehost, are offering web owners not just the hosting services but also the opportunity to build their own websites in minutes. The main reason for this is because Bluehost provides us an automated script installer package called SimpleScripts, in our web hosting control panel.

Bluehost Script Installer

Script installer tools are tools that aid the installation of open source php scripts. In laymen terms, it allows us to install applications on our websites without requiring us to worry about how to set up the MySQL databases or navigate the numerous structures and files needed to manually install these scripts. All these are done automatically by the script installer tools.

SimpleScripts installer

Likewise, SimpleScripts allows Bluehost’s users to install applications and software like blog, content management system, eCommerce, surveys, forums, galleries, security and even social networking, with just a few clicks and in less than 5 minutes!

Don’t worry, SimpleScripts also allows you to remove the installed software if you don’t want them on your sites anymore. You can install and uninstall at anytime you want.

What is SimpleScripts?

SimpleScripts offers many of the most popular applications such as WordPress (blog); VoIP Phone Services (business tools); Joomla, Drupal, MODx (content management system); Magento, Zen Cart (eCommerce); phpBB (forums); Coppermine (photo galleries); SiteLock (security); Pligg (Social Netwrking); and lots more. You can check out SimpleScripts’ demo for more details.

Why Simple Scripts? SimpleScripts vs Fantastico

There are a couple of scripts installer tool around, and the two most popular ones are SimpleScripts and Fantastico. Bluehost used to offer both of these installer tools so that we can use them concurrently but recently, Bluehost had decided to offer just SimpleScripts and dropped Fantastico.

There are a few reasons for this. One, because SimpleScripts’ applications gets updated faster than Fantastico and this means that you get access to the applications’ latest versions much quicker. This is crucial in order to reduce support requests and security risks since the newer versions generally come with patches and have more security features. Another reason is that SimpleScripts offers more applications i.e. more than 70 compared to Fantastico’s of about 50.

On top of that, I personally found that SimpleScripts was comparatively faster and more efficient when I installed WordPress on one of my site.

Bluehost Web Hosting with SimpleScripts

There you are, the simplicity and convenience of Bluehost’s hosting plan. The simplicity does not end there. The price of a Bluehost plan is pretty straight forward. It cost only $3.95 a month, which is a discounted price from the usual $6.95 per month. (The discount is only for readers and visitors from this website! Activate this hosting discount by following our links.)

With only one-plan-for-all, Bluehost ensures that we (their clients) are not burdened with all the complications or hidden fees that you often see with other hosting providers. Why not have a go at Bluehost’s demo page today to see for yourself.

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