BlueHost Sucks?

You were planning to subscribe with BlueHost hosting provider when you came upon some articles alleging that BlueHost sucks and which went on to share their “experiences” of how bad it was when they were hosted with BlueHost. Now, you end up being confused. I don’t blame you. You are right to exercise caution when signing up with hosting providers. The last thing you want is to end up with a web host that promised you the sky but failed to deliver even the umbrella when it rains!

Bluehost review

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Truth be told, there is no one hosting provider that is spared from being targeted by unhappy “ex-subscribers” for whatever reasons. Try to Google search for “HostGator sucks” or “LunarPages sucks” and you will find many complaints about how their service sucks or that it’s a scam and how you should avoid them. Well, our advice is that you should make an informed decision. And we are here to help you do so.

Let’s take a look at Bluehost’s both negative as well as the positive points in order for you to make a judgment.

What “Sucks”

  • Downtime

    Yes, downtime sucks and no web owners would want their websites to go through significant downtime. In fact, you would want stable uptime constantly. While 100% uptime is quite impossible since you have to at least factor in scheduled downtime for maintenance or upgrade, 99.9% uptime is pretty much obtainable and is not a “marketing gimmick”.

    0.1% downtime is roughly 43 minutes of downtime in a month assuming a 30 days month. And yes, 99.9% uptime is in reality quite obtainable. However, it would require a combination of good hardware, software and competent system administrators, which Bluehost has. More on this later.

    Many of the downtime complaints were caused by the users. If your site or one of the site that is sharing the same server as yours, experience high traffic, then this may cause server overload and thus downtime for all sites sharing that particular server. If your site is getting lots of hits daily, then perhaps you should consider upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server to avoid downtime.

  • Limited Hosting Space

    Though it is advertised as unlimited hosting space, technically it is limited. What they really mean is that you will be getting more space than what you would need for a site with regular traffic. If you plan to host a website that requires lots of hosting space like a file/movies sharing website, then do consider getting a dedicated server.

    But before you pick up the phone to call your lawyer to sue Bluehost for “misleading advertisement”, do note that most hosting provider uses this phrase. It’s kind of like an accepted sales pitch.

What Does Not Sucks

  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

    Not many reliable hosting providers are offering this guarantee. Most likely you will find offers like 30 days and some 45 days money back guarantee but hardly anytime money back guarantee!

    BlueHost anytime money back guarantee

    What the small print says is that BlueHost will refund you 100% if you choose to cancel within 30 days from signing up and after this initial 30 days, refund is pro-rated based on the period that was not used. In other words, you pay in advance but will be charged for what had been used and there’s no binding contract. If they are not confident about their service quality, would they still offer such?

  • Affordable Hosting

    BlueHost’s plans currently costs a discounted $3.95 per month, a special price for readers and visitors of this website only! This is not exactly the cheapest in the market, but you would not want to have your hosting provider set such a low price that it has to compromise on its service quality in order to make profit, right?

    If you were wondering how BlueHost manages to provide such value for money services, well, it has lots to do with achieving economies of scale, which means that they have obtained cost advantages as a result of business expansion.

  • Own Infrastructure

    BlueHost owns and manages their own datacenters, servers, UPS power and fiber connections so when they claim that they are able to handle every aspect of your hosting, you know they meant business.

The Verdict

After considering all the above, I think Bluehost is a great web hosting provider. They may not be the very best but they are definitely far from being the worst. And it’s not that I am trying to defend these guys at BlueHost. They don’t need me to do so. They have millions of satisfied customer to attest to their service. The numbers don’t lie.

BlueHost is hosting close to 3 million domains with its sister company, HostMonster. Trust these numbers! Take advantage of the discount currently being offered to visitors and readers of this website.

So why all the bad reviews?

Well, look at it this way, different users have different set of hosting requirements and sometimes not all these can be met, perhaps due to over-expectation, incompatibility of software or just plain bad luck. We all know that consumers are more likely to complain about a bad experience than to praise a good experience. Also, when you have millions of customers, you are likely to have a few dissatisfied ones. So, we can safely say that there are tons of satisfied but silent BlueHost subscribers compared to unhappy vocal ones. As for my own experiences, BlueHost has been pretty good with all the sites that I am hosting with them.

If you are still wary then a final advice from me is you need not to; as you can always exercise their “Anytime money back guarantee” and get your refund!

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