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While you are researching for a web hosting provider, you would not fail to notice that these web hosts would tell you that they provide “unlimited bandwidth” and “unlimited file transfer” or something along this line. While it does sound like a great feature to have, it is important that you understand what is being offered.

What is Web Hosting Bandwidth

Let’s have a look at certain terminologies web hosting providers use. “Bandwidth” is a computer term that reflects how much information or data, or file can be transferred to or from a server or computer within a certain period of time. It’s the machine’s capacity measurement. “File transfer” is the actual amount of data being transferred within a certain period of time.

Unlimited web hosting bandwidth

Think of bandwidth as the road we travel on and file transfer as cars on the road. Obviously, a highway/freeway would certainly be able to accommodate more cars than a road in a housing area. And cars travelling during peak hour would move slower than when it’s travelling during off peak.

In the web hosting world, bandwidth or file transfer is used to explain the amount of traffic that is allowed to be transferred to or from your website. It is determined by the web hosting provider’s internal and external network connections to their data centers and the internet respectively.

It’s the hosting providers’ type of connection (fiber optic, cable) and hosting equipment that would determine how much traffic it can take up to provide reasonable uploading and downloading speed to their customers. Just like the analogy above, timing too would affect your website’s speed.

Naturally, a higher bandwidth is more desirable. A faster connection provides a more enjoyable surfing experience with faster uploading and downloading speed. And this, in turn, brings in more visitors and a higher SEO ranking for your website. While many will argue that the top few web hosting providers offer more or less the same “unlimited bandwidth” or “unlimited file transfer”, I find that Bluehost provides a little extra feature in this area.

Our of bandwidth – Website Suspended

What generally irks most subscribers is the fact that many web hosting providers would immediately start persuading them to upgrade their hosting plans at the first sign of any extra bandwidth being used. If you don’t upgrade, they might just suspend your account!

Website suspended

So much for “unlimited bandwidth” and other features, right?

Well, there is one thing you need to know about unlimited bandwidth… it’s not really unlimited per se. Some web hosts may limit you in terms of server resources used. Also, if it really is unlimited, then there won’t be any need for dedicated servers, would it?

BlueHost Web Hosting

Bluehost review

Under Bluehost’s terms, while they don’t set a limit on the resources used, they do mention that their service is “designed to meet the typical needs for small business and home business website”. So unless you are a huge enterprise with international businesses or have applications that require additional resources to run, Bluehost would be able to cater to your demands.

Now, if you are concerned about whether Bluehost’s one-size plan can really meet your demands, well, you don’t have to be worried. Bluehost’s plan has more than enough features in their plan to satisfy your requirements. Check out BlueHost’s plan.

Bluehost is implementing hosting resource protection by throttling CPU resources of websites that showed increased resources usage. This way, BlueHost is able to allow web owners to investigate the sudden traffic spike in their websites and at the same time, protect the server from being overloaded and other websites on the same servers from being bogged down.

Over the years, I found that BlueHost has been an excellent hosting provider and I can’t find any fault with them in terms of disk space, bandwidth, uptime reliability and customer support. In fact, they have been providing more disk space and bandwidth than I ever needed, great uptime and round-the-clock support.

They throw in lots of other goodies too like unlimited storage, unlimited domains hosting, unlimited email accounts, free site builder and anytime money back guarantee as well. Oh, you get $100 Free Google Credit too! So for only $6.95 $3.95 per month, it’s indeed an all-in stress-free hosting. For more exhaustive features and a free demo, do check out BlueHost at their official website!

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