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Webmail is an alternative to the traditional desktop email client where the application is run on your desktop and the emails are stored in your hard disk. Conversely, webmail is an email service that you can access through a web browser and have all your messages stored in a centralized server. Webmail has become more popular over the years because of the many conveniences it comes with. However, there are some disadvantages too.

Bluehost webmail

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using webmail:

Webmail advantages

  • Convenient Access
    This is probably the reason why most people choose webmail. You have the convenience of accessing your mail box anywhere anytime… as long as you have internet connection.

  • Light weight email client
    You do not need to install anything to use webmail, all you need is a web browser. Since all computers have web browsers, so you really do not need to install anything to have access to your email!

Webmail disadvantages

  • Need to stay Connected
    You need to stay connected and online in order to use webmail. You won’t be able to send or view your emails offline. But then again, this is not much a problem these days as internet access is easily available and affordable.

When it comes to webmail, there are many choices for us and some of them are available for free, such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail. These days, most of the major hosting providers offer webmail access to their users. Bluehost is no exception.

If you have an online presence hosted by a web hosting company, it would be beneficial to make full use of it. Please allow me to show you why through a detailed look at Bluehost’s webmail features.

Bluehost Webmail Solutions

Bluehost offers 3 different webmail solutions for you. What this essentially means is that as a subscriber, you have 3 different interfaces to use to access your webmail i.e. RoundCube, Horde and Squirrel Mail.

3 webmail solutions

All three webmail solutions have their advantages. It all boils down to your preference and whichever that works well with your browsers or gadgets. But the best thing here is that if one interface is not to your liking, you can always use another interface to log into your webmail to send, read or organize your email messages. Thus, work is not interrupted.

On Bluehost, you can access your webmail directly through your domain URL, for example Alternatively, you could easily access your webmail by logging into your domain’s cPanel and then clicking on the webmail icon.

Unlimited email accounts

Bluehost comes with unlimited disk space and email accounts. With this feature, you can now have an email account for all your staff as well as the different departments, for example;; and so forth. This allows for better segregation of duties between personnel and departments, especially if yours is a larger organization.

Unlimited bandwidth

Bluehost offers unlimited bandwidth and this will indirectly boost your webmail’s performance. With unlimited bandwidth, Bluehost would be able to handle large files being sent or received using your webmail account. Remember the time when free webmail providers imposed a limit on the size of files being transferred and how inconvenient that was? Well, at least I do!

The good thing about Bluehost is that they build their own technology and infrastructure and thus, would be able to control their servers’ capacity to provide such services at low costs.

Bluehost also offers $100 Free Google Credit, which makes their web hosting a pretty good deal. Great to start promoting your new website on Google.

Editor’s Advice

Now, most of us find the above adequate and web masters generally won’t use beyond these webmail features. But then, that’s Bluehost’s hosting plans. They had always been offering some of the most competitive hosting plans in the market.

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