Bluehost Web Hosting Comparison

This year, our favorite web hosting provider Bluehost will be bringing exciting changes! Yes, 2013 will mark the year where Bluehost will be launching their Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Server hosting services. Hooray!

I remember writing in a couple of my previous posts that Bluehost’s only potential drawback was the lack of upgradability. Bluehost is awesome as a shared hosting provider, you can read more in this Bluehost review which I wrote last year. The challenge may come if a user’s website uses more resources than what a shared hosting can provide. Sure, there is Bluehost Pro but for those who are thinking of upgrading to VPS and Dedicated Server, do hang in there for a little longer. Check out what Bluehost has to offer. They have not disappointed us so far and I’m sure their VPS and Dedicated Server hosting packages will be great deals too.

Do you need to upgrade?

Web hosting compared infographic

Well, it depends. Upgrading from shared hosting to VPS or Dedicated Server is NOT a natural progression for a website. Some (or perhaps, most) websites can find all the resources and features they need on a shared hosting package without ever needing upgrades. Others will find that they need special features or additional resources (e.g. when website performance is affected) that a shared hosting is not capable of providing. This is when you need to look into an upgrade.

To understand more, here’s an infographic detailing the comparison between shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server hosting.

Comparing Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server

There are actually several types of web hosting. But the 3 most popular web hosting services are shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server.


  • Shared hosting

    This type of web hosting has always been described as an apartment where 200 to 1,500 users shared the same server. As such, all the resources in the server are being shared among all the users.

    Occasionally, some websites may experience a surge of traffic and use more resources than what they are allocated. When this happens, most web host would be able to identify such websites quickly and sort the matter out before the other websites are affected. But there are times when a poor hosting provider may host too many websites on one server, causing the websites’ performance to be poor.

  • VPS

    This is similar to a town-home. One VPS server can accommodate 100 to 200 users. You still have to share a server but with VPS, a larger and more importantly, dedicated portions of the server resources are allocated to you. Therefore, there’s no problem of other users using too much resources and affecting other websites.

  • Dedicated Server

    The Dedicated Server is like owning your own house. And as the name suggest, one particular server supports one and only one user alone. You are free to determine what applications to install and how much resource to be allocated to different websites. Obviously, this exclusive usage is more expensive than both shared hosting and VPS!

Level of Performance

  • Shared hosting

    Should your website experience a surge of traffic, shared hosting can support this for a short period of time only. Actually, some web host would even take drastic action to immediately remove your website from the server.

    Users also shared the same operating system (OS) and the same IP address.

    • VPS

      Because there are fewer users per server, any increase in traffic is allocated with adequate bandwidth and resources, subject to your allocation. But should you require additional server resources, the web host is able to discuss customizable configuration options.

      Though they are still sharing the same server, VPS users control their own virtually independent OS. And each has their own distinct IP address.

    • Dedicated Server

      You will have maximum usage of all the bandwidth and resources. Having said that, if additional storage is required by dedicated server users, upgrades can be purchased.

      Full control of the server also means a separate and full control over your OS. As for IP address, Dedicated Server users usually get multiple unique IP addresses.

    Which web hosting plan should you choose?

    • Shared hosting

      Generally, you will see new small businesses, non-profit organizations, individuals and hobbyists opting for a shared web hosting plan. It is cheaper and is managed so beginners and those who are not familiar with server maintenance can still setup a good website quickly without having to worry about the technical aspects of setting up a website!

    • VPS

      For those whose websites are using more resources than what is available for a shared hosting, you can now choose the VPS plan. This plan also suits those who want more technical control.

      With Bluehost’s VPS (and Dedicated Server) plan, you are given root access to your portion of the server as well as software configuration and settings. You can install any software and script you like!

    • Dedicated Server

      This ultimate plan is meant for businesses having very high traffic. Also for developers and technical users who want complete control.

      Now, most web hosts do not offer control panel feature for this plan. But Bluehost does. They provide an easy-to-use control panel where it is packed with powerful and comprehensive tools for easy website building and maintenance. This way, everyone can opt for this plan regardless of their technical abilities!

    Bluehost VPS and Dedicated server

    How much is the VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting?

    Bluehost has not indicated how much the new web hosting services will be. But knowing Bluehost, it would be very affordable for the level of technology and features that they are offering. For their new VPS and Dedicated Servers, they will be powered by IBM technologies.

    In fact, Bluehost is already offering a 40% discount on your first month when you book for either the VPS or Dedicated Server now. And if you are not ready to make any reservations, you can sign up to be notified when it is live, or you can also try their shared web hosting plan.

    Bluehost coupon code

    You do not need any Bluehost coupon code to get discount from them. Their Professional Web Hosting costs $4.95/month after discount. But when you visit them through our secret link (exclusive deal for our readers), the price is discounted to $3.95/month only!

    With the soon-to-be-launched VPS and Dedicated Server web hosting, Bluehost now is able to add more features and resources to your website. You no longer have to worry about having to move to a different web host when your website’s demand for resources increases.

    Now, you can effortlessly upgrade to VPS and Dedicated Server when you want and with almost zero downtime too. So, head over to Bluehost and make your reservations today. Remember to use our link to get that extra discount!

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