Cheapest ORG Domain Name in Malaysia from Exabytes

In the beginning of the Internet time, three domain name extensions were used specifically to explain what the nature of a certain e-business was.

The .NET domains were meant for technology based companies, the .COM domains were meant for the other companies that weren’t technology based and the .ORG domains represented charity and/or non-profit organizations. While that original idea gave birth to the three top level domain names, plenty of companies have blurred the lines by registering their websites under all three domains (hint: try, and

Domain name promotion

Philosophical opinions aside, there are generally a few expectations of an .ORG domain.

  1. .ORG is short for Organization, suitable for teams of people working together be it for profit, health, disease, environment, political cause, etc.
  2. .ORG represents the intent of an establishment to form an industry, trade or demographic

The public consensus of an .ORG domain is that these companies are registered with the intent of staying in business for the long haul.

Cheapest .ORG Domain Name from Exabytes

Regardless of your reasons behind having an .ORG, this is probably the best season to be purchasing your domain as Exabytes, the leading web hosting company in Malaysia is having a domain promotion that makes them officially the cheapest .ORG provider.

Exabytes ORG domain name promotion

So is Exabytes really the cheapest?

We took a quick look at the other .ORG domain offerings in Malaysia and have tabulated the results for easy viewing.

Exabytes : RM25
ServerFreak : RM40
Shinjiru : RM38
Net Onboard : RM35 : RM35
DataKL : RM40 : RM50
IP ServerOne : RM48 : RM30
Hileytech : RM55
e-Globalhosting : RM49 : RM35
Emerge : RM55 : RM29.90
Hive Hosting : RM35

Conclusion: Yes, Exabytes is officially the cheapest ORG domain name provider in Malaysia!

A Word of Caution

OK, it is our obligation to advise you that you should never move into or transfer your business into a domain just because it is cheap. Arguably, you could just transfer your site to another provider while retaining your .ORG domain, but why pay the transfer fee and suffer emotional distress when you can do it right the first time?

Picking a domain is like picking a good neighborhood for your home. Not only do you want to make sure that you’re in good company, you also want to know that your house will have consistent upkeep. Remember, the domain is the portal to your business. A hosted website that is inaccessible due to a lousy server or a bad connection is a bane to traffic flow so pick wisely or your site rankings will suffer.

Who is Exabytes Web Hosting?

At this point of writing, Exabytes is servicing over 32,000 clients from over 121 countries around the world. Plenty of famous Malaysian corporate clients also pay patronage to Exabytes, including the 988 Radio Station, Bonia, Canon, Carlsberg Education Fund and Celebrity Fitness Centre.

The folks at Exabytes are all-rounded IT solutions professionals and their catalog of services starts from shared web & email hosting services to semi-dedicated and dedicated web hosting solutions (including reseller hosting and server co-location). Exabytes servers suit various usages, depending on whether clients prefer semi-dedicated server or instant dedicated servers. The company also specializes in hosting Linux and Windows via private servers.

One domain, one tree

We advise you to pick Exabytes for your web hosting services, and now is the best time to do so because of the .ORG domain name and other promotions on offer. We also find the following benefits:

It’s Been Awarded for Excellence

Now that you’re over excited and panicked – relax. Exabytes is an award-winning company (the latest being from Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific 2009 and Malaysia HR Awards 08-09) which means that others have deemed it fit to be a top industry player.

Save the Domain, Save the World

Besides hosting charity sites for free (Free web hosting!), Exabytes has offered to plant a tree for every domain name either registered or renewed through the company. If you sign up for other services like a VPS, get your own dedicated server or a hosting plan, more trees will be planted in your name as well.

In a Nutshell

Yes, hands down Exabytes is the cheapest .ORG domain provider in Malaysia. The good news is that you’d also be signing up for a company with good reputation and a keen sense of social obligation.

If you choose Exabytes Malaysia web hosting, we recommend you to start with EBiz Plus, because this hosting plan includes excellent features at an affordable RM174.85 a year.

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