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Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed to help you and your users to easily publish, manage and organize a variety of content and maintain a website. They are becoming more and more popular these days. The main reason for this is that many people are going online and with that, quite a lot of new Content Management Systems have been introduced. Many are open source such as WordPress and Joomla, while some others charge a small fee.

It is very important for a web host to provide multiple content management systems to their customers. Different customers will have different needs and thus these software systems often range from blogging platforms to classifieds and forum scripts.


What CMS can I easily install on iPage?

Many hosts offer Content Management Systems in their hosting offerings. However, not many of them make these CMS’ available to install with just a few mouse clicks from a central control panel. iPage makes all these possible with the SimpleScripts installer which is available from your hosting control panel. There are more than 70 scripts in this user friendly installer, and among them are CMS such as the following:

  • WordPress
    WordPress is the world’s most widely used blogging software.

  • Drupal
    Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) and content management framework (CMF). Drupal is great for building everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications.

  • Geeklog
    Geeklog is an open source portal system that can be used as a story telling software, online community or news system.

  • Joomla
    This is one of the most popular CMS and iPage hosts thousands of Joomla sites on its servers.

  • Mambo
    Mambo is a great choice for a content management software. It is easy to use and offers excellent features and addon plugins.

  • PHP-Nuke
    PHP-Nuke is a highly popular web-based news publishing and content management system.

  • phpWebSite
    phpWebSite allows even the inexperienced webmasters to build a website easily.

  • Typo3
    Typo3 is the best intranet software. Many iPage customers choose this software for their internal systems.

  • Xoops
    Xoops is a very popular portal software. Though by adding on additional modules, it is a great software for other types of websites.

As you can see, iPage offers some of the best content management systems available in the industry. These software are used for a variety of applications; online publications, business websites, blogs, and even portals. iPage has certainly spent time testing out these software and only include the best ones.

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Is iPage any good?

iPage is a great web host and they have been rated as a Top 10 Web Hosting company for the past couple of years! iPage’s CMS Hosting is the preferred choice for portal, community and blog site webmasters. By using one of these CMS software, it will be very easy to manage your website (when you have an account on the fast and secure iPage servers).

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that you can install these Content Management Systems on multiple domains/sites under a single hosting account. For example, Drupal on one domain and Xoops on another. In other words, you can have many different types of websites all hosted under a single hosting account. This will save you a lot of money!

Editor’s Advice

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