CS-Cart Multi-Store Shopping Cart

You have recently decided that your online businesses have grown so much over the years and that it is time for it to have its own website. Facebook and your blog no longer seem to be able to handle the volume of transactions nor provide the control you want over your online businesses. Thus, you seek hosted websites as an alternative platform for your online businesses. My heartiest congratulations and well wishes on your endeavor!

Now that you have made that decision, it is now time to choose the right partners for this purpose. This includes, and not limit to, selecting a dependable web hosting provider, a reliable shipping company, some sure-fire marketing plans and of course, a good shopping cart software. Choosing the perfect shopping cart is tough, if you had not found that out by now. There are quite a number of good ones around but since each business is pretty unique from one another, a great shopping cart to one business may not give the same satisfaction to another. The trick is to find a shopping cart script that is flexible enough to meet your requirements and yet affordable enough not to burn a hole in your pocket.

CS-Cart Ultimate Edition

CS-Cart Ultimate

With that in mind, I have decided to review the latest addition to CS-Cart’s family, the CS-Cart Ultimate Edition. It was previously known as CS-Cart Multi-Store, which was the beta version. Throughout this article, both the CS-Cart Ultimate Edition and CS-Cart Multi-Store terms would be used interchangeably.

Before we move on to the Multi-Store edition, let’s take a quick look at CS-Cart.

What is CS-Cart Shopping Script?

CS-Cart is a standalone web application that allows its users to easily build and maintain control over their e-commerce websites, regardless of whether it is a small one-product online store or a larger and busier store with hundreds of products and different storefronts. But the one feature that I like best is their technical support. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to find a solution provider that has a reputable support system.

CS-Cart Support

CS-Cart’s support team is awesome and I am far from the only one who thinks so. The forums are always filled with encouraging advices and good recommendations. On top of this, the paid cart also comes free dedicated technical support. With all these features and more, it is no surprise why CS-Cart is fast becoming one of the more popular premium shopping carts software. To learn more about it, you can take a tour or take an online demo or get a free trial.

CS-Cart Multi-Store

So what is the CS-Cart Multi-Store and what is so special about it? Well, it is an e-commerce tool that is designed for the store administrator to manage several online stores from one control panel. It is pretty common for online business owners these days to have more than one store and thus create a demand for a centralized control panel. So, CS-Cart Multi-Store was born. Its concept is simply linking multiple stores to a core store where the common administration panel is.

CS-Cart Ultimate Edition (also known as CS-Cart Multi-Store) is the prefect solution if you have several online stores and you wish a very convenient way to manage them, from one centralized control panel. It is built on the proven and solid, CS-Cart Professional architecture.

Some of its interesting features include:

CS-Cart software features

  • Sharing

    The administrator has the option to share products among the stores even though all the stores have different type of products and at the same time, give different prices and descriptions to these shared items. Other things that can also be shared among the stores include pages, languages, currencies and product filters.

    The ability to share products and other items across all your stores (e-commerce sites), makes it so much easier to manage all your stores, saves you lots of time and effort!

  • Flexibility

    Allows the flexibility to configure each store’s appearance from design to language to menus as well as the regions where the stores can be accessed. Customers’ accounts can be common as in one username logs in to all stores or vice versa, requiring different usernames for different stores.

  • Control

    The administrators have complete control over the shopping cart, across all the stores. User access can be customized according to the users’ responsibilities, for example administrator has full access to the control panel and all stores while store owners are limited to managing their own store.

It is impossible to list down all the features here. Please visit the official website to find out more. Visit CS-Cart Official website.

CS-Cart Ultimate Edition Pre-Order

CS-Cart Multi-Store Special Offer

The CS-Cart Ultimate Edition is now open for pre-order and is set at $495 but this is for the month of December 2011 only. From January 1, 2012 till the final release of this powerful e-commerce software (tentatively set for February 2012), the price is fixed at $550. Once released, The CS-Cart Ultimate Edition will be priced at standard retail price of $650.

So, do order your copy of the software now. That’s a savings of $155! I find this pricing very reasonable, to the point of being cheap for what you will be getting!

What you will get?

You will be getting a core license and two domain licenses for two storefronts. Additional domain licenses can be purchased after the pre-order period at $195 per license. As with all the other CS-Cart’s products, these licenses comes with one year’s access to new versions and upgrades. On top of that, you are also given a choice of either opting for a 30-day technical support or 80 support credits.

As a price comparison, Joomla’s IXXO Multi-Store costs $895 while NextlevelObjects charges between $500 – $3,000, depending on the number of stores you have.

A quick search on the internet would reveal that while there are many shopping carts around from free open source software to premium ones, there are not many shopping carts that offers multi-store features and even fewer which offer the level of flexibility and control that CS-Cart Multi-Store has to offer as well as the level of dedicated support. The best part is that this cart can be used for a variety of e-commerce sites and businesses. I believe CS-Cart has a winner this time. So check them out!

Visit CS-Cart Official Website