Debunking 10 Popular Web Hosting Myths

It was estimated that there are over half a billion active websites in the world in March 2014 and this number is growing faster than ever. However, despite this huge number of websites, web hosting is still one of the most misunderstood areas of the internet. Because of this misunderstanding, many website owners lose out the chance to create a more effective website.

Web hosting myths

Actually web hosting is not complicated at all. You just need to clear off these mis-conceptions. When you have the right information, you are able to gauge how good a web hosting package is and hence, avoid the misleading marketing gimmicks.

10 Popular Web Hosting Myths

Here are some common web hosting myths.

  1. Web Hosting is Complicated

    The Myth:

    Web hosting is only for those who understand programing. Those who are not IT-educated should hire a professional to get the web hosting sorted.

    The Fact:

    This is far from the truth. Web hosting, these days, are made for the public. Yes, even those who have no prior web hosting experience. You don’t need to learn programing. You just need to know what you want your website to achieve. From there, you can then search for the web hosts which can provide you the features you require and at that price you are willing to pay.

  2. All Web Hosting Providers are the Same

    The Myth:

    All web hosting providers offer the same services and thus, we can sign up with any of them. There is not much difference.

    The Fact:

    There are many web hosting providers in the world today (See our top 10 web hosting companies list). How many? Too many to count! While most of them tend to offer the same things at first glance, you will notice that they don’t when you research more.

    Just like any other businesses, there are good ones and there are the bad ones. There are those who offer you what they promised and there are those who are not so honest. So, not all web hosting providers are the same. You will need to weed out the good from the bad.

  3. Free is the Best

    The Myth:

    Free web hosting is just as good as premium web hosting. In fact, free web hosting is the best because I don’t need to pay anything!

    The Fact:

    The good news about free web hosting is well, you don’t have to pay anything for the service. The bad news, however, outweigh the good news.

    Since it’s free, the web hosting company does not have the motivation or the financial capability to provide adequate technical support. This means that you may not be able to get professional support when you choose to host with a free web host. And even if you do get help, chances are that it is not immediate.

    There are also certain free web hosts who will place advertisements on your site in order to earn income to support the free services. You will not have the permission to remove or edit these advertisements.

    Free web hosts too have the reputation of being unreliable with frequent downtimes and slow connection. In fact, there are plenty of great web hosts who offer reliable hosting service at really affordable prices. We will discuss this next.

  4. Quality Web Hosting is Expensive

    The Myth:

    Good web hosting service can be costly and unaffordable to the average website owner.

    The Fact:

    While we don’t recommend that you choose a free web host, we definitely are not suggesting that you should pay a lot of money for web hosting service. Not all good web hosting providers will charge you a bomb and not all expensive web hosting packages are good. In fact, there are many leading web hosting providers which are offering web hosting (with adequate features) for less than $5 per month:- like Bluehost and iPage. These companies are able to keep their costs low because web hosting technology is getting cheaper these days.

    However, there are also web hosts who, in a bid to maintain high profit, may cramp as many sites as possible in a single server. This will, in turn lead to inadequate resources for all. To avoid these web hosts, look out for complaints on slow speed and constant server outages.

  5. Cheap Web Hosts are Inefficient and Unreliable

    The Myth:

    Cheap web hosts cannot afford reliable or secure service.

    The Fact:

    It is not uncommon to think that a cheap web host will not have adequate finances to provide efficient and reliable services. On the contrary, there are many so-called cheap web hosts who offer very affordable web hosting packages which at the same time, comes with great uptime and a highly secure hosting infrastructure. Many of them have installed anti-spam programs and firewall to protect their customers and servers. Sure, there are still risks but at least, with these security software, the integrity of your website is safeguarded and your reputation maintained.

  6. Hosting Features Do Not Matter

    The Myth:

    All web hosting features are almost the same anyway and thus, it does not matter which package I choose.

    The Fact:

    Oh yes, it does! Price is not the only thing you should look at. In fact, it shouldn’t be the first thing you look at when choosing web hosting services. There are many other features that you should consider, like:

    Some web hosts offer uptime guarantees e.g. 99.9% uptime guarantee. If the uptime for that month falls below the promised uptime, the web host will have to compensate its’ users for the downtime. While the actual payment is generally very little (given how cheap web hosting services are these days), this guarantee is important as it reflects how confident the web host is about their service as well as an indicator of the web host’s uptime records.

    Look for the numbers of options that you can contact the web host in terms of support e.g. email / live chat / phone call. Support is a key factor to consider when researching for web hosts. A good web hosts will continue to provide professional after-sales support.

    How slow your site loads will determine how fast your visitors will click away. Therefore, it is important to determine that the cheap web hosts that you have short listed have a fast data center, fast servers and a fast network setup!

    For a complete guide on choosing the right web hosting company and hosting plan, you can read this article – Tips to help you choose the right web hosting company.

  7. Unlimited Resources

    The Myth:

    Hosting packages come with unlimited resources. I can host thousands of huge files and will never run out of space.

    The Fact:

    You probably have seen web hosting providers advertising unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, etc. However, common sense would tell us that a hosting business will not survive if the web hosting provider were to actually offer unlimited resources unconditionally. If it’s real, we would all gladly take advantage of it by registering just one account and sharing with all our family and friends. Big organizations like Google wouldn’t need to fork out crazy dollars to host their websites!

    The truth is no web hosting provider can afford to offer unlimited bandwidth or disk space, without certain terms and conditions attached. Be sure to read the web hosting provider’s Terms of Service to find out exactly how limited is their unlimited features.

  8. A Good Web Hosts Will Not Have Negative Reviews

    The Myth::

    If the web hosting experience is good, then there should not be any complaints or negative reviews.

    The Fact:

    No one is spare from bad reviews. In fact, the more popular you are, the more people will write about you, good and bad. You should also realize that not all bad reviews are true. Some are probably written by competitors trying to sabotage their business. Some may be written by those seeking recognition.

    Then there are some negative reviews which are legitimate. However, do bear in mind that most of us would not write any reviews when things are going smoothly. But when problems crop up or failures arise, many would not hesitate to voice their dissatisfaction. It is human nature to do so.

    So instead of relying 100% on reviews, do take into consideration the web host’s overall performances (e.g. whether their services are reliable) and its history (how long have they been in business).

  9. You Should Host With Your Domain Register

    The Myth:

    It is more efficient to host your website with the company where you register your domain name.

    The Fact:

    There are companies which provide great web hosting services but offer only subpar domains registration services. On the other hand, there are companies which are popular domain registrars but sucks at web hosting. Of course, there are also companies which provide great web hosting and domain registration services.

    The point here is that you should not feel obliged to take up web hosting with the same company where you register your domain. You should search for the best one in each category. Redirecting a domain from your registrar to a separate company that provides you web hosting can be easily done.

  10. All Web Hosting Providers’ Support Sucks

    The Myth:

    Hosting support is terrible especially for shared web hosting.

    The Fact:

    Yes, there are certainly some web hosts whose support is really bad. However, there are also those whose technical support is amazing. I know a few web hosts whose support team is very experienced and knowledgeable. Not only that, they usually respond to you very quickly, especially through live chat.

    Look for those with 24 hours support, unless you don’t mind waiting hours for a reply!


The good news about starting a new website these days is that there are plenty of affordable web hosting companies to choose from. The bad news is that all these options may be overwhelming and confusing, especially for first time web hosting shoppers. Sometimes, even experienced users can find it difficult to identify the right web hosting package. This may then lead to bad decisions and a less fulfilling web hosting experience.

Therefore, it is important that webmasters play it smart by researching and learning what to avoid. Know what you need and buy what you need. Don’t just fall for misleading offers and promotions. There are many good web hosts out there who offer really great deals for the features you are getting. If you are aware of the common web hosting myths, you will be able to avoid pitfalls and disappointments later.