Does Bluehost suck?

Bluehost is a leading provider for web hosting, but like any company you will hear both positive and negative feedback about them. If you search for information about Bluehost, you will surely find some people saying, “they suck!” This, however, is true for any well known company, as there are always going to be customers who are dissatisfied.

The question I am going to address in this article is whether or not there is any merit to complaints about Bluehost. Are they a great web hosting company, or do they indeed suck?

Who is Bluehost?

Bluehost hosting

There are thousands of web hosting companies, and you may or may not already be familiar with Bluehost. They are not the largest web host in the world, but they are very popular nonetheless. They host millions of domains around the world, and they gain approximately 20,000 new customers each month!

Bluehost is highly rated by many customers as well as websites that review web hosting companies. They are so good that they have been occupying the Number 1 web host position on our top 10 list, in 2012 and 2013. Two years in a row!

Bluehost main features which I like

When considering any web host, you should take a close look at what they offer.

  1. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space

    Bluehost offers one main hosting plan called Professional Web Hosting. This plan gives you unlimited bandwidth, disk space and domains. In other words, you can have as many domains and websites as you want under a single hosting account! This will surely save you a lot of money in the long run, especially when you have more than 1 website/blog!

    In the near future, I will come up with a tutorial on how you can host multiple websites under a single web hosting account. Do stay tuned for this.

  2. Free domain name

    Bluehost also gives you a free domain. Your domain is free for the first year; you’ll still have to pay to renew it when the year is up though.

  3. Free popular applications and scripts

    You also have access to a good selection of popular scripts for free, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Moodle and others through their one-click installer called SimpleScripts. There are also popular shopping cart applications and scripts for forums and polls.

    Bluehost control panel

    Check out Bluehost’s control panel demo to give them a test drive!

  4. Impressive technical support

    Another impressive feature of Bluehost is the technical support they offer. They offer phone, email and live chat support 24/7. The average hold time for phone support is less than 30 seconds, and all of their staff is on site and well trained. This ensures that you can get prompt answers to any questions you might have.

Why Bluehost gets Negative Reviews

If Bluehost is so great, you may be wondering why anyone would say anything negative about them. Why some people say Bluehost sucks?!

The fact is, when you are considering a business that has millions of customers, there are bound to be complaints. Out of millions of customers, a few say that they are bad… I think this is pretty natural! Anyway, below are still some of the reasons why you can find some unhappy reviews about them.

  • Many people who sign up for web hosting for the first time are not tech savvy and are learning completely new skills. While Bluehost makes this process as easy as possible (such as with the availability of many video tutorials), it’s still possible for newbies to get frustrated. Some people get impatient when they don’t understand something right away and blame the web host!


  • Another issue is that no web host is perfect. No matter what percentage of uptime they promise, there may be occasional glitches or interruptions. This is going to be annoying, even if it only happens rarely, and some people will lash out at the web host in response.


  • Still another factor of which you should be aware is that the internet is very competitive. Some companies or affiliates may attack competitors in order to persuade potential customers to avoid one company. There’s no reliable way to prove whether a specific review falls into this category, but there’s no doubt that it does occur.

How you should read Customer Comments and Reviews

If every company gets both negative and positive comments, how can you know what to believe? One thing to consider is the percentage of reviews or comments that are negative. If a large number of people are saying a company sucks, there may be something to it.

You should also focus on specific comments rather than star ratings or one liners such as “Bluehost rocks!” or “Bluehost sucks!” The latter don’t really tell you anything. Look for praises or complaints that mention specific issues. If you find that many people have the exact same problem with a web hosting company, this is a red flag to consider!

In general, Bluehost is one of the best rated web hosting companies around. This doesn’t mean that everyone is 100% satisfied with them. As I’ve pointed out, this is never the case with any business.

Bluehost offers great support, reasonable prices and a money back guarantee to all of their hosting customers. This makes it an extremely low risk investment to try them. You should consider reviews and comments made by customers, but you also have to put them into perspective.

Don’t fall into the trap of giving more credence to negative reviews than positive ones. People tend to do this, because they are afraid of making the wrong decision. Yet if you shop around and read reviews for lots of web hosts, you’ll find that no one is perfect.

Conclusion: Bluehost doesn’t suck!

Having tried many leading web hosting companies, I am really impressed with Bluehost overall. They are reliable, secure and offer a nice variety of features. Some people have a different opinion, of course, but that’s to be expected.

If you’re looking for a web host, I’d suggest that you at least check out Bluehost, along with some of its competitors. This company has built up a great reputation over the years, even if it does have a few detractors.

Don’t let a few random comments on the internet scare you away. Otherwise, you’ll never feel confident buying any product or service online!

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