DreamHost Free Trial Web Hosting

Imagine getting 2 weeks of free web hosting? Yes, 2 whole weeks of web hosting without having to pay any hosting fee! Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, that’s exactly what DreamHost is offering right now. To turn this great deal into an awesome one for you, we’ll be able to give you a $60 discount through our promo code, should you choose to continue with the hosting after the 2 weeks trial period. More on this promo code and the registration steps shortly.

Who Is DreamHost?


Price: $8.95/month Get $60 off!
Size: Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts
Special: $75 Google AdWords credit
Offer: Click on this SPECIAL LINK and use DreamHost coupon TODAYBONUS for $60 discount!

DreamHost has been around since 1997 and is one of the bigger web hosting providers around today. So you don’t have to worry about them being a fly-by-night web host who may close shop and leave you in a lurch. The millions of websites being hosted by them should speak volumes about their services. With almost 15 years of experience in the hosting industry, DreamHost sure knows what their customers want and need!

In 2010, DreamHost has moved all their customers to new quad core Xeons with 16GB or 32GB of memory with a 8x raid10SATA disk array servers.

What’s so Great About DreamHost?

If you had been hosting your websites long enough, you would definitely experience downtime, scheduled or unscheduled. But the real questions during these situations are whether your hosting provider is doing anything about it and when will it be up again. I have countless times tried to get hold of technical support during these downtimes, only to be told to wait as “all the agents are engaged at the moment“.

The frustration just builds up especially when I do not know what’s happening. Blame it to the Internet’s instant information effect where I am so used to getting information right away at the click of the search button that any delays in the flow of information would have me pulling my hair off!

  1. DreamHost Status Blog

    But before I digress further, here’s how committed DreamHost is about uptime. They had set up a DreamHost Status Blog on which they announce hosting issues like scheduled downtimes, hardware replacement and network maintenance operations.

    You get a real time update on what’s happening without having to get in touch with the agent. Subscribing to the blog’s RSS feed would keep you in the loop.

  2. DreamHost Web Hosting Features

    On top of this, you will also get the following with your shared web hosting:

    • Unlimited storage + another 50GB for backups
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Unlimited email accounts
    • Host as many domains and websites as you want
    • One-click software installer
    • Up to $75 Google AdWords credit
    • 24/7 email technical support and 100% uptime guarantee

    Trust me, these are way more than what the average web owners would use. And yes, they have 100% uptime guarantee and no, it’s not a typo! This means you can cancel anytime and still get your money back!

Signing Up With or Without Domain Registration

Upon opting for the 2 weeks free trial, you will be given the choice of signing up with your existing domain or you could buy a new domain.

  • With Domain Registration

    Do note that if you choose to register a new domain, then you would be charged a Registration Fee. Should you choose to continue with the hosting after the 2 weeks trial, this new domain would be given to you for free and the Registration Fee of $9.95 would be credited to your web hosting plan fee. This free domain offer is applicable for 4 top-level domains ie .com, .net, .org and .info.

    However, should you wish to discontinue the web hosting before the 2 weeks trial is up, then the Registration Fee would not be credited back and you will be free to host this new domain name with another host, if you so wish.

    This is a great option if you are intending to start a new website and wished to test out DreamHost’s service before signing up. Take this opportunity now, check out DreamHost.
  • Without Domain Registration

    The other option is if you have an existing domain and would like to use it for this free trial hosting purposes. In this case, you can have it hosted by DreamHost for free for 2 weeks.

But what if you don’t have an existing domain nor do you want to register a new domain? Can you still sign up for DreamHost’s free trial web hosting service?

The answer is yes. You can select to take up DreamHost’s subdomain hosting offer. In this case, you will get a mynewsubdomain.dreamhosters.com. Frankly, DreamHost is one of the very few hosting providers who offer a subdomain hosting service on their own domain!

How to Signup for Free Trial?

Step 1: Start Free Trial

Go to DreamHost’s website and click on the “Sign Up” button. You will see the “Start Your 2 Week Free Trial!” form. Fill in the necessary details and click “Continue”.

Dreamhost free trial

Step 2: Pick A Domain

As mentioned earlier, you have the option to register a new domain, host only and transfer an existing domain, or to create a subdomain with “.dreamhosters.com“. For the purpose of this review, I chose to create a subdomain.

Dreamhost pick domain

Step 3: Pick A Plan

Here, you get to choose to take 1 year prepaid (at $9.95 per month) or the slightly cheaper 2 years prepaid (at $8.95 per month). Oh, do remember that you will be getting an additional $60 discount if you were to sign up using our DreamHost coupon codeTODAYBONUS“.

Dreamhost pick hosting plan

Step 4: Credit Card Billing Address

This page is for you to enter your contact details. Do have it the same as your credit card’s so that DreamHost can use it to verify your account quickly.

Dreamhost sign up

Step 5: Server Name and Promo Code

Registration is almost complete. You will just need to choose your first server username. Here’s also where you get to insert the promo code “TODAYBONUS” for the $60 discount that you will get once you decided to continue with the hosting (after the free trial period).

Dreamhost coupon

Step 6: Payment Info

Finally, just entered your credit card details.

If you were doubtful why you need to enter your credit card details now; this is entirely for the integrity of the account, otherwise anyone would abuse and take advantage of this free trial hosting. Remember, you can cancel anytime between the trial period and you will never be charged anything!

Dreamhost promo code

Now, off you go to test your new account.

Should you at anytime during the 2 weeks decide that you would want to cancel your account, you can do so and you won’t be billed (unless of course if you had bought a new domain).

What if you decide to cancel after the 2 weeks? No worries, DreamHost has a 97 days money-back guarantee. With the free trial and the money-back guarantee, this is really a no-risk hosting, don’t you think so? That said, you probably won’t be using this option anyway. DreamHost is a reputable hosting provider and provides some of the best shared web hosting services around. Check them out today!

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