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You need to use MySQL databases if you are using a blogging platform (WordPress, MovableType, etc), an E-commerce software (CS-Cart, PrestaShop, etc) or a content management system (Joomla for example). That being said, MySQL database is very important and crucial as it serves to store all the information necessary to run the website. In terms of databases, iPage offers their customers an unlimited number of database usage. This means you don’t ever have to worry about using a large number of databases.

On the other hand, the ability of having multiple domains linked to your iPage web hosting account makes it an amazing choice for those who want to start their own little website network without having to spend a lot of money every month on a dedicated server!

iPage web hosting

Technically, fast database hosting by your web hosting provider is essential if you want to grow your website to serve more visitors and readers especially if your website rely heavily on the underlying databases! This is true for WordPress blogs and shopping cart software such as CS-Cart. In this case, you’ll need the fastest hosting that you can get your hands on. You wouldn’t want your website to take ages to load, frustrating and chasing away your readers and potential customers. As iPage is highly reliable and is among the fastest database hosts in the industry, there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about even if your website works on several databases.

The iPage MySQL database is a simple relational database tool for easy content management. The web hosting provider offers phpMyAdmin to help manage your tables and data structures from any web browser. Each MySQL database can have an unlimited number of tables and the amount of data that you can have is limited only by your disk space. If you need to have more than one user managing your database, it isn’t a problem too as you can create additional users for each database. Their handy database management tool will let you add, drop, manage and grant privileges from any web browser.

If you host your website with iPage, then you will have access to the MySQL database. It is always available at any given time at the incredibly low price of between $2.00 to $3.00 per month. iPage web hosting is a great host for your blog, forum, E-commerce sites as well as CMS sites.

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Tips: If you want your database server to run fast and 100% compatible with WordPress, E-commerce software and many other popular CMS system, then check out iPage web hosting