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iPage doesn’t offer dedicated server hosting services at the moment as they are dedicated to provide the best shared hosting for the Internet community. Most of us should probably know that the Internet connection of a server is one of the most important things to consider when selecting a web host. If the connection to the server is poor, web hosting will be slow as well since both of these go hand in hand. However, iPage uses multiple GigE connections to their servers to assure their clients that their needs for bandwidth are always going to be fulfilled.

iPage web hosting

Since the web host only uses the latest Dell servers, what you’ll be getting are the fastest and most reliable servers that you could ever depend on. In addition, the servers are considered top-notch in the industry. Constant updates as well as security evaluations are carried out from time to time to ensure that the servers at iPage are good and reliable. iPage’s technical support works non-stop to maintain all their servers by monitoring them around the clock and performing the necessary updates. They even have regular security evaluations that every server needs to pass in order to be considered safe and secure enough to host websites!

Free marketing credits

On top of the fast connection and secure servers, iPage has a lot of partnerships with web hosting related industry leaders which allow them to secure deals and pass them on to us for free or at a bargain through their low-priced hosting plans. Google, Yahoo!, VeriSign and ShopSite are just a few of iPage’s most famous partnerships, which bring us goodies such as free marketing credits and free shopping cart scripts. Besides benefiting from the good deals as a result of these partnerships, we can also have peace of mind knowing that these partnerships with bigwigs indicate the good reputation that iPage has as a web host.

In short, iPage makes a good web host for the hardware and software they use are the best in the hosting industry; fast network connections and constantly updated software. In addition to that, they include value-for-money features that in their hosting plans.

As iPage has a wealth of experience in the hosting industry, they are able to continually make upgrades and create new ways to serve their clients’ needs. Therefore, your investment in iPage will be money well-spent especially with the excellent services and promotions offered to you.

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