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A few years ago, I had the bad experience of losing a major part of one of my blog archives and because I did not perform any backups and neither did the hosting company, those data were as good as gone forever. Yes, you would have expected me to know better right? Well, lesson learned. Since that day, I have always checked if the web hosting company does backups and if so, how often.

Trust me, you don’t want to be in a position where all your hard work are gone just like that, just because of some technology malfunction or God forbid, being hacked! Yes, you could do the backup yourself too (which you should) but won’t it be an added bonus if the web host does it too?

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FatCow – daily backups

FatCow is one of those web hosting company that conducts automated daily backup on its servers. This is to ensure that your data will not be lost should any technical misfortunate happen and that you have the assurance that your data are safe and restore-able. And this service is for free too, by the way. Do note that these daily backups will be kept for 3 days, which is pretty generous of FatCow, judging by the amount of storage space they needed to store all these data. And that would give you enough time to perform your own backups too.

Check out FatCow’s Official Website now. See for yourself what features this web host is offering.

Conducting your own manual backup is really simple with FatCow’s control panel. With just a few clicks and you would be able to archive your files and database as zip files and have them downloaded to your own computer. You can then keep them locally at a safe place.

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This easy backup feature is especially crucial in today’s environment where more and more businesses are done online. Competition is tough and one can’t afford to have your site down for too long or your data lost. Some customers (or visitors) may sympathize with you and give you another chance but there are going to be a lot who will leave you for another. Therefore, having a reliable backup system will reduce the time and hassle of re-organizing the missing files and database. All you need to do is restore your site with an earlier backup and update the content in between.

Should you have any challenges in restoring, FatCow’s technical support is always ready to help you. You can use the 24×7 live chat or simply send them an email.

The good news is that at the moment, FatCow is having a promotion which sees their plans going for a discounted rate of at least 47% off, i.e. only $56 per year or even lower! On top of this, if you sign up for a 2 or 3 year plan, you will get a better offer of only $44 per year for the first term.

For an affordable web hosting and also peace of mind, do head over to FatCow and check out in detail what it is like. You can always have a live chat with their 24×7 online support if you have any queries.

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