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Content Management System or CMS is a system that assists you to manage your website, especially in the content department. This includes but not limited to sharing and storing data, and controlling the access of these data based on the users’ rights. Some CMS applications also allow site owners to customized website themes and create plug-ins. There are many CMS applications in the net these days with different levels of complexity, from simple to more advanced ones, which come with more sophisticated features.

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Therefore, it is extremely crucial for aspiring website owners to ensure that their hosting provider supports the installation of CMS and that it be a stress-free process too, if we may add. You won’t want to spend hours trying to figure out what went wrong with the installation of your chosen CMS application only to find out that your hosting provider does not support that application.

FatCow SimpleScripts

So if you are planning to build your own website that is content rich whether it is a blog, an article directory or an online business, do consider FatCow’s hosting plans for two reasons. The first reason why we suggested FatCow is because installation of CMS on FatCow’s server is simple and quick. With FatCow’s SimpleScripts, common applications like CMS, Blogs, Galleries, Forums and E-Commerce can be installed in just a few clicks.

FatCow SimpleScripts

The other reason is that it supports many popular CMS applications from simple ones like WordPress and Joomla to more advanced CMS such as Mambo, Drupal and e107. Other CMS applications that FatCow supports include MODx, XOOPS, PHP-Nuke and phpwcms.

Previously FatCow was using InstallCentral (in vDeck), a pretty powerful applications installer. In early 2011, they upgraded their installer tool to a more advanced installer tool called SimpleScripts. This new installer is voted by many web users as the top applications installer, as it is easier to use and is better supported.

Helpful Knowledgebase and Technical Support

FatCow is also very helpful when it comes to installation of the CMS applications. There are lots of articles in its knowledgebase that explains about these applications and even step-by-step tutorials on how to install them. On top of that, should you have problems in installing them, you could always use the 24×7 live chat support or if you prefer, you can also email or give them a call on their hotline.

Fast Network and Servers

You will also need to ensure that your hosting provider’s servers are fast enough for your CMS application. This is because if they are not, it will slow down your site’s performance and affect your site’s traffic as well as the reputation. This is where FatCow is among one of the top hosting providers whose powerful servers are able to ensure speedy uploads and downloads.

FatCow Promotional Pricing

Wait, there is more. FatCow is currently running a promotion where they are giving those who sign up with them a whooping 65% off, at $38 per year (for a three year plan). This works out to be an unbelievable $3.15 per month! This has been the lowest price ever and if you ask me, yes, it is certainly worth it.

SimpleScripts is available for FREE to all FatCow users!

FatCow is not one of those fly by night companies. They are trustworthy and competent and had been around for more than a decade. So do pop over and find out more about their Udderly Fantastic Web Hosting yourself.

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