FatCow – Customized vDeck Control Panel

Did you know that Fatcow was first started way back in the 90s, 1998 to be exact? While many other hosting companies had come and go, FatCow has not only survived but also managed to stay in front of the herd. It has certainly grown strong over the years and one of the reasons for the encouraging response from their customers is that FatCow had successfully focused and delivered good value to small and medium online businesses and site owners.


It has also a lot to do in the Company’s pursuit of reliability and simplicity; reliable to use and simple to manage. Besides, you would want to spend as little time as possible worrying about the mechanics behind hosting a site and as much time as possible writing good content and marketing your websites, right? This is where FatCow’s customized vDeck control panel comes into the picture.

vDeck vs cPanel

For those unfamiliar with web hosting control panels, here’s a brief background. There are two main web hosting control panels which are the more popular ones; vDeck and cPanel. Between these two, cPanel has been around for a longer period while vDeck is more recent, though in terms of technology, both are pretty good. And like any good technology aiming to stay ahead of its competitors, both these tools are updated fairly often to introduce new features and to fix any shortcomings.

Customized vDeck Control Panel

In FatCow’s case, they chose to work with vDeck and at the same time, take it a step further i.e. to develop a customized vDeck control panel, in order to reduce navigation time and improve site management experiences for their customers. This is after considering the requests and suggestions from their customers. Talk about dedication to customers!

This feature allows more options compared to FatCow’s previous control panel. One main change is the menu tab with drop down list. Navigation has become so much easier and faster too. On top of that, this control panel also helps with creating blogs, installing software, search engine submissions and lots more.

FatCow vDeck control panel

Editor’s Advice

The beauty of this customized control panel is that regardless of how much or how little your site management skills are, FatCow’s vDeck control panel is able to meet your demands. With just a few clicks and you have yourself the changes you wished to make on your sites. So it does not matter if you are “just” a small business owner planning to start your own online business or a professional blogger looking for a hosting company to manage your numerous blogs, FatCow’s control panel is able to help you achieve control over your sites!

Here is the best part. FatCow is offering its hosting plans for only $44 per year (after a limited period promotion of 55% off). Yes, this calculates to an unbelievable amount of less than $4 per month! If you think this deal is too good to be true, then visit FatCow’s official website and see for yourself.

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