FatCow Excellent Web Hosting Support

How many times have you heard from your friends or read about the complaints that site owners have with regards to the support, or rather the lack of support, which they had gotten from their web hosting providers? Well, you are not alone but don’t worry as there is some good news today. There are web hosting providers which offers dedicated support for their hosting customers and FatCow is one of them!

I have been recommending FatCow to many of my clients, and their excellent web hosting support is exactly why I am confident of recommending them to my clients. Good hosting support is the most important criteria we should consider when we are choosing a web hosting company.

FatCow is one of the leaders among web hosting providers, partly because they deliver what they claim. In case you are unaware, FatCow has 3 guarantees i.e 99.9% uptime guarantee, 30 days money back guarantee and 24/7 online support guarantee and these are some of the features that many site owners are looking for.


Let’s check out what are the types of online support that FatCow’s Moo Crew offers.

  • Telephone Support

    If you have an urgent enquiry that needs immediate attention, then you could make a call to the friendly Moo Crew (FatCow sales and technical support). There are 2 dedicated lines that you can call to, depending on the type of question that you have. There is the sales enquiries phone number and also the support phone number.

    This is the fastest way to get “help” or have your questions answered. And be rest assured that they are well-trained to troubleshoot quite a variety of problems.

  • Live Chat Support

    If you have inquiries but do not mind not listening to the voice of the support staff, then you can always use the “live chat” function. And yes, you will be chatting with a live person in real time. It may take a little longer than a telephone support while the questions and answers are being typed out but then, it’s free.

    You can initiate live chat with the sales, support as well as the billing Moo Crews. We like the fact that they have dedicated lines for the type of topics that you want to discuss and hence, can be directed to the right department instantly.

  • Email & ticketing Support

    Should you prefer to just drop the Moo Crew an email and wait for their response, then you can simply send them an email directly. Be it support or sales or feedback, the Moo crew will get back to you promptly.

If you think that it’s going to be expensive to have a great web hosting plan with such a great support team, then consider this. For a limited period only, you can subscribe to FatCow’s plans from a low price of $56 per year, after an amazing discount of 47%. But like we said earlier, it is only for a limited time only, so do go over to their website and check it out. Alternatively, you can always initiate a live chat regarding their plans and offers and test out their customer service today!

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