FatCow Hosting with Unlimited Email Support

FatCow is among one of the more simple and affordable web hosting provider in the market today. It targets small to medium-sized businesses as well as individuals who are seeking cheaper alternatives to host their sites and/or blogs. FatCow was established and has been providing web hosting services since more than 10 years ago and is still going strong, if not stronger. That says a lot about their dedication and offers. One of their attractive offers includes unlimited email addresses.

FatCow Webmail

Unlimited Email Accounts

One of the most asked question regarding email is the limit of mail accounts being offered by the web host provider. In FatCow’s case, you have unlimited email accounts! Yes, you can have as many email addresses as you like.

This is great news for small and medium sized businesses as the number of email accounts are no longer a concern. You now have the freedom to create as many email addresses as you like and assign them to your staff. They can then monitor their own emails through their individual login and password. This way, emails can be directed to the person in charge rather than having to go through a general incoming email account.

Webmail Convenience

For the convenience of business owners who constantly travels, you can still access your emails by using a web-based email program, i.e. a webmail. All you need is an internet connection and you can then receive and send emails.

Spam Filtering

FatCow’s email management tool also includes strong spam filtering tools. As there are more and more spam emails these days, business owners and individuals now have an aid to help manage their spam emails. With spam emails being filtered out, you can now concentrate more on the emails related to your business or blog rather than having to go through each and every email that come in. Huge time savers!

Newsletter Management

Also in the Email management tool is a Newsletter Management feature. This is another great feature for business owners and bloggers who plan to send out periodic newsletters to their subscribers. You don’t have to grasp the codes required to set this up as FatCow has placed all the necessary codes for your readers to include their emails in the newsletter email list.

Excellent Customer Support

On top of all that we have highlighted above, if you ever have any challenges, you can always rely on FatCow’s customer support. They are there 24/7 providing free phone support, free email support, and free live chat – which is my favorite form of web hosting support.

Unlike many hosting providers who do not offer free phone support as it is too costly especially when it’s long distance and the administration involved in staffing and training the staff to man the phone call service. FatCow has done a great job in this department!

Editor’s Advice

We have seen some of the great features that you will get when you sign up for FatCow’s web hosting plans. And for a short period of time from now, there is a 47% discount being offered, which means that all you need to pay is $56 per year, which comes up to less than $5 per month! A small amount to pay indeed, for what you will be getting in return. Check out a detailed FatCow review.

Simplicity, reliability and peace of mind. FatCow is so confident of their plans that they even offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This means that, if for whatever reason, FatCow is not suitable for you or you simply do not like them, you can get your money back! No questions will be asked.

So, why not check it out and see for yourself this amazing offer! You have got nothing to lose and more to gain.

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