FatCow – Huge Discount 55% Off

For a limited time only, FatCow is offering a huge discount for their web hosting at an amazingly low $56/year! That’s a hug discount of 47% off compared to its regular price of $99/year. This works out to be only $4.67 per month, yet still inclusive of free set-up and a free domain name!


Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth

What you will get in return is instant activation of your hosting account. You will also get unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth at no additional costs. That certainly takes away some headache doesn’t it?

For those who are setting up their own online businesses, you would be happy to know that FatCow also offers tools to help you get started with your e-commerce store, with features such as shopping carts, catalogs, PayPal integration and even being able to accept credit cards online. Have a quick search around and you will find that this is by far one of the better deals out there.

User friendly Site Building Tools

And it does not end there. To assist you on creating your website should you wish to start from scratch and you are not too good with creating websites, FatCow has Point & Click Site Building Tools that helps create professional looking sites quickly. Hence, you do not need to attend any programming crash course nor burn midnight oil in order to build your own site. Just use the user friendly Site Building Tools provided by FatCow. It is as easy as that!

Free Advertising Credits

Just when you think it could not get any better, there is some bonuses for you! You will get free advertising credits which you can use to start advertising your website in the major search engines. These free credits include:

  • $75 Google Ad Credits
  • $25 Yahoo!/Bing Ad Credits
  • $50 Facebook Advertising Credits
  • Free ShopSite Account ($20/month value)

Check out more on these Advertising Credits worth more than $150!

Reliable and Excellent Customer Support

All these for less than $5 per month. Should you be wondering whether the low price is a compromise of their service, well, worry not since FatCow has been around for more than a decade and has earned a name for themselves in terms of reliability and excellence in customer support.

Should you face any problems in your site, the uptime or even your data backup, you can always count on their 24×7 customer support. So it does not matter when or where you are, you can always call or chat online with them to solve your problems.

FatCow is 100% powered by Wind Energy. You can be proud that your website and email are hosted with a eco-friendly green web hosting company!

More Discounts for Longer Terms

And that is not all. If you decide to get a 2 or 3-year plan, the discount gets even better at a holly cow 55% off! This means you are only paying for $3.67 per month for all the same benefits. So visit FatCow now to start enjoying major savings and a stress-free web hosting experience!

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