FatCow InstallCentral Script Installer

Many of those who chose FatCow hosting plans have one common praise for the hosting provider and that’s on how convenient it is to install and manage a variety of popular scripts or applications. With the help of the InstallCentral control panel, website owners now can enjoy the benefits of having a fast and user-friendly script installer to help them run applications like Joomla, WordPress, Gallery2 and ZenCart.

FatCow Web Hosting control panel

Let us now take a quick look at what the InstallCentral is about. Many of us do not have an in-depth knowledge of software scripts but at the same time, we do need applications like blogs, galleries, forum and shopping carts on our websites. This is where InstallCentral comes into the picture. InstallCentral is an open source application center in FatCow’s Control Panel which has a list of common applications under tabs like CMS, Blogs, Galleries, Forums and E-Commerce. All you need to do is choose the applications that you would like to have in your website and InstallCentral will guide you step by step through installing them. On top of that, FatCow will even help you manage the upgrading process.

Below are some of the applications that you can choose from within InstallCentral.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    Like this application’s name suggests, it is a system or software used by us (website owners) to manage the content of our sites. Some of the CMS applications that you can choose from are Joomla, Drupal, Mambo and E107. These are all well know and widely used CMS.

  • Blogs

    If it’s blogs that you are looking for to add onto your sites, then look no further for InstallCentral has a number of blogs that they support for example WordPress, PixelPost and b2evolution. WordPress is of course by far the best blogging software, and is also my favorite software.

  • Galleries

    Love to upload pictures and need a place to showcase and manage them? Then InstallCentral has the applications that you need, such as Gallery 2, Coppermine and ZenPhoto. Whether you are an individual blogger or a small business owner, an easy to manage gallery is important to grab your readers’ attentions.

  • Forums

    You can also choose to have forum applications like Gbook, phpBB or SMF. And you don’t have to be an expert in programming or database management to learn how to install them. InstallCentral will guide you step by step to install these forum scripts. Most of the time, if you use the default settings, you will be able to setup a forum in a few minutes only!

  • E-Commerce

    Good news for small to medium online business owners who are looking for a hosting company that provides free installation of e-commerce shopping carts and payment solutions. FatCow’s InstallCentral has a few good applications like osCommerce, AgoraCart and ZenCart for you to choose from.

    These shopping carts are also excellent for those who run online shops on blogs (so called blogshops). If you are running a business on your blogshop, you can easily upgrade to a complete shopping cart and enjoy all the features it offers. Do note that, if you want more advanced features, FatCow web hosting is certified to fully support CS-Cart – the best shopping cart script in the market.

FatCow review

InstallCentral is akin to a one-stop application installer center. It is simple to use, user friendly and provides both a written guide as well as personal assistance to the installation process. If you thought you would be charged an arm and a leg for this service, well, here is some great news to your wallet. You do not need to fork out a huge amount of investment for FatCow’s hosting plans. Instead, you only need $56 per year, which is after a discount of 47%. But do act fast for this offer is only valid for a limited period only.

Check out a detailed FatCow review.

Should you be concerned about the quality of FatCow’s service, then be assured that the plans are reliable as we have a few clients hosted with them. In fact, FatCow even guarantees a 30-day money back guarantee. In other words, if you are unhappy with them for whatever reason at all, you are guaranteed your money back! So, hosting with FatCow is really worry-free!

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