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One of the nightmares that website owners face with their hosting plans is frequent downtime. Not only does it disrupts the flow of your postings and updates but also interferes with your readers’ reading pleasures and worst, your online business. So it would be advisable to research well beforehand on the services of the hosting provider before you sign up for their plans.

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Now, I am not saying that we have to look hosting providers that provides 100% uptime. No, that would not be feasible. What would be feasible is to have a hosting provider that maintains a high uptime. Tough job? Perhaps not as difficult as you thought. Take FatCow for example.

Minimal Downtime

FatCow has always pride themselves as being different from other hosting providers, hence they strive to offer reliable hosting plans and a friendly customer service. In terms of reliability, FatCow is committed to providing as minimal downtime as possible to their clients. But this is not just their sales pitch. In fact, many of their clients are raving about the almost perfect uptime. Based on our tests and studies, FatCow’s uptime monitored from November 2005 till October 2011 (that’s a total of 6 years in case you were wondering), the average uptime is at 99.851%.

If you think about it, the downtime is so minimal that you probably won’t experience it. Now, isn’t that commitment to providing good service?

Technology wise, FatCow uses load balance technology in which traffic loads are distributed across their servers in order to minimize congestion, which contributes to slow page loading. Thus, the low downtime. In addition to that, FatCow also performs constant data and content backup, so there would be as little lost data as possible.

Notifications and Updates

Should there be unavoidable disruptions to their hosting service, FatCow would more often than not, inform earlier via email or place a notification message on their chat. For example, when there is scheduled maintenance that would result in downtime or intermittent disruptions, there would be announcements or notifications to brief us on what services that would be affected. This is so that we will have ample time to be prepared and maybe to make any necessary arrangements.

On the other hand, if there aren’t any notifications and yet you are experiencing downtime, you could always get hold of their customer service through chat or phone support to check if the problem is theirs or yours.

Editor’s Advice on FatCow Web Hosting

So far so good but what are they charging, you say? You would be forgiven if you think that FatCow charges a premium for all the features that they offer. But you would be in for a surprise at their very affordable plans.

On top of this, FatCow is currently offering a limited time only promotional price of $44 per year. Imagine, from as low as only $3.67 per month, you get a great hosting plan with reliable services. Now, that’s value for money which not many hosting providers can beat. So don’t let this opportunity go without checking out what they have to offer.

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