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One of the most common complaints by web owners in the past was inadequate database space or limited number of database allowed to be created. But the good news is that this has changed. These days, professional web hosting companies worth their salt would offer unlimited disk (or storage) space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains hosting, unlimited POP mailboxes and unlimited databases. All within the same account. Sounds like a real good deal, doesn’t it?

FatCow web hosting

FatCow used to offer only 5 MySQL database. But has recently upgraded this to “unlimited database” for its hosting plans. This is great news for those who run data and database intensive applications. But with its current offer of 55% discount, even small online businesses with e-commerce features or individual bloggers can afford it. But before you make any decisions, let’s have a more in-depth look at the details.

  1. Database Management

    Creating and managing of your website’s database is ever so easy with FatCow’s control panel. It can be done at any computer with an Internet connection. Just click on the “Manage MySQL” page and the on-screen user friendly instructions will guide you through easily.

    It doesn’t matter if you do not understand the MySQL language, for FatCow has programmed it in such a way that with a few clicks on the control panel, you will have access to your database and are able to modify them if you so wish.

  2. Database Speed

    This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to database. What you would need to know is that the speed of extracting information from your database depends on two factors i.e. the database server and your internet connection. Naturally, if the speed for one of them is high while the other is slow, then obviously your database will be slow to retrieve. But Fatcow is a reliable company and you can be assured that their database server is running at high speed.

  3. Database Tools

    For a content updating and management tool, FatCow provides the popular MySQL database only. This is partly because this database system is one of the best web hosting database tools out there in terms of reliability and compatibility with major programming languages such as PHP, Perl, and even ASP.Net. It is also 100% compatible with operating systems like Windows, Mac and UNIX/Linux.

    It is also partly because FatCow is running on a customized version of vdeck control panel, which only allows the MySQL database and none other. But we feel that MyQSL is a good enough tool and sometimes, the more options one have, the more confusing it can be for the layman web owner!

MySQL Database

Host wisely…

FatCow web hosting is offering all these for less than $5 per month for a limited time only. So have a look at your current web hosting plan and see if you have unlimited databases and if the features you are getting are better than that offered by FatCow. Act now and make the change so that you don’t get caught off guard in the future when you are forced to pay extra for additional database space should you exceed your database limit. Be wise, host with FatCow!

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