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Once you have signed up for FatCow web hosting, you will be able to login to the FatCow control panel anywhere from any computer that is connected to the internet. The first thing you will probably notice would be how refreshing and straight forward the control panel is. FatCow has recently upgraded their control panel and they are now using a customized version of the vDeck control panel.

FatCow Hosting

vDeck Control Panel

That brings us to the ultimate question of whether the newer version of the FatCow control panel is any better than before. We are happy to give it two thumbs up. Web hosting these days is not just about uploading a website. It is also about the management and marketing of the website. As such, we are aware that it is crucial for small business and blogs owners that their chosen web hosting services have an easy-to-use control panel. The last thing they want is to waste time trying to figure out the mechanics behind it all. And this is where FatCow’s comprehensive yet user friendly control panel comes into the picture. It gets the job done with a few simple clicks.

FatCow vDeck Control Panel

The best part about FatCow’s new control panel is that it now features a menu tab at the top of the control panel with drop down list. Seem like the system designers at FatCow were listening when users requested for a better navigation system. So regardless of how advanced (or lacking) your web hosting knowledge or skill is, you would be able to find your way around pretty easily. Building web pages had never been so easy!

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The other thing we like is the availability of tutorials and FAQs as well as Help in the control panel pages itself, rather than at another site. This eliminates the need to click on so many separate pages before finally finding the answer and thus reduces many headaches and confusions, especially when you are not too familiar with web hosting.

Do you know that FatCow also has live chat support 24/7? This means that now you don’t have to worry if you were in another time zone or were staying up way past normal working hours setting your web page or blog!

The tools on the control panel are very well selected and organized. It makes installation of applications extremely easy. Imagine this, you can install WordPress, Joomla, phpBB forum software and lots more with just a few mouse clicks! This is so easy and quick, and definitely anyone can do it!

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All this for a super low price of only $4.67 per month as FatCow is having a promotion for a limited period! Anyway, if you are currently hosted with another web host and is worry about migrating hassles or problems when you move to FatCow, you can be rest assured that it is pretty simple. FatCow will help you with the transfer, and even gives you a free domain name! So, grab this chance to sign up and give your business or blog a makeover as well as a better management platform for yourself.

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