FatCow Web Hosting Special Deal for the Weekend

Born in 1998 and focusing solely on web hosting, FatCow approaches what they do in a fun and easy way. The technical support team is called the Moo Crew, the website is colorful and chirpy and you’d find its contents spiced with humor, such as “farm-fresh web icons”, “script barn” and “heifercratic oath” (heifer: a young female cow that has not borne a calf). These are a breather from the technical jargon that usually greets you as soon as you open up a web host’s website.

FatCow Web Hosting

The Original FatCow Plan

There is only one hosting plan, The Original FatCow Plan. Among the “Cowbells and Whistles” offered in the plan are:

  • The unlimited features:
    – disk space
    – bandwidth
    – domains, sub-domains and domain pointing
    – email accounts and POP mailboxes
    – MySQL database

  • Free setup fees
  • Free one domain name
  • PayPal Shopping Cart integration and ShopSite Online Store
  • Automatic domain renewal and registrar transfer for Free
  • Integrated Google Custom Search and Google Webmaster Tools
  • $75 Google Ad Credits and $25 Yahoo!/Bing Ad Credits

Special Price:

$56 per year or $4.67 monthly at 40% off!

Special Deal for the Weekend:

If the 40% off weren’t enough, they’re running a special deal on weekends that’s exclusively for readers of 100 Web Hosting. Beginning each Friday morning and running until late at night each Sunday, the one-year plan is also available for $44 per year or $3.67 monthly (55% off).

The Special Deal for the Weekend’s 55% discount only works through this SECRET LINK.

If you intend to sign up for The Original FatCow Plan, now is the best time to do so due to the promotional price and several freebies that are up for grabs for a limited time only. If you sign up now, here’s what you’d be getting:

  1. A promotional subscription price of $56 per annum instead of the usual $99. And a further discount of $12 if you sign up during the weekend (Friday to Sunday)!
  2. One free domain name

FatCow awards

Why I like FatCow Web Hosting

So if you sign up now, you save a good $43 + $12 (Special Deal for the Weekend) and a couple of tens more on the domain name. Now, let’s take a look at why FatCow is a good choice for hosting your website:

  1. Unlimited hosting

    Website owners who have several blogs and websites to their name would be happy to go for FatCow’s unlimited hosting as they can host any number of domains as they like without having to worry about running out of disk space or bandwidth. They can also set up an unlimited number of email accounts for various users. Even if you have just one website, this plan is ideal if your website contains scripts and content that require a lot of disk space and data transfer.

  2. Free advertising credits

    FatCow cares about optimizing your website’s traffic. The free advertising credits are among the most attractive and generous freebies given in the market. $50 Google AdWords credits, $25 Yahoo!/Bing search marketing credit and $50 Facebook advertising credits. How much better can it get? FatCow gives you credits to advertise on several platforms unlike most other hosts that only provides $25 worth of Google AdWords credits.

    On top of that, a free listing in YELLOWPAGES.COM is given as well as a free 60-day trial of RatePoint Feedback Service.

  3. Free domain name

    This is one of the features that is available for a limited time only. Not many other web hosts offer a domain name for free, so take advantage of this promotion to save yourself several tens of dollars.

  4. Point & Click Site Building Tools

    Point & Click Site Building Tools are every web owner’s best friend, regardless of whether they possess skills and knowledge in designing a website. Amateurs will find the tools extremely user-friendly that a website can be built quickly and easily, while those who have web designing experience will find the tools a time- and effort-saving feature.

  5. Application Installation Wizards

    Available in the Script Barn are various applications that can be installed easily with detailed and easily comprehensible instructions. Choose from WordPress, Joomla, Gallery2, GBook or poll, survey and counter tools.

  6. Online Store and e-Commerce Tools

    Running an e-commerce business is easy with the availability of various store and e-Commerce tools. A PayPal shopping cart is integrated, therefore you don’t have to sign up for additional shopping cart software. You’d get catalogs with coupons and sales options as well, while a shared SSL ensures that all transactions are secured. Payment for purchases can be made via credit card, thus giving your site leverage for having varied payment methods.

  7. Integrated Google Webmaster Tools

    The newest tool of the Google Analytic family, Google Webmaster Tools is the key to understanding your site traffic behavior. You’d be able to know who has links to your site, how many found and clicked on your website in a search result page and receive alerts if your website isn’t working well. Having Google Webmaster Tools incorporated with your website saves you the hassle of signing up for the account separately.

  8. Friendly Moo Crew Support

    The Moo Crew is at your beck and call around the clock, either via phone, email or live chat. Through their HeiferCratic Oath, they pledge to deliver a great level of customer service by answering your call within 2 minutes and resolving your issue in the first contact. If at any time you aren’t satisfied with the service rendered, simply lodge a complaint and you’d be given a month’s hosting for free!

  9. 100% Wind-Powered Green Web Hosting

    If you could do your little bit for the environment, why not do so? FatCow’s offices and data centres are fully powered by wind energy – a remarkable feat indeed. So why go for web hosts that run their machines in power-consuming data centers?

  10. 30-day Money Back Guarantee

    There are no risks at all signing up for The FatCow Original Plan as you have 30 days to terminate the subscription and get a refund if you find the services unsatisfactory.

Editor’s Advice

FatCow is a good choice of web host for numerous reasons. For a low price, you get unlimited features and websites management is made a breeze through Point & Click Site Building Tools and Application Installation Wizards. Your website is business-ready and you’d get a great amount of free advertising credits.

Signing up now gives you a good deal – a savings of $40 and a free domain name, therefore take full advantage of FatCow’s promotion the soonest you can, and better still sign up during the weekend and get an awesome 55% off the hosting price – take full advantage of the Weekend Deal!

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