Free Domain Name with FatCow Web Hosting

What’s in a name? In one word, “lots”. It is what that distinguish one from another, your identity. And this rings true for websites as well, be it personal sites, blogs or business sites and subsequently your email ID too. It is the first step towards blog branding and like what many marketing gurus would tell you, will be the platform for you to build your blogs’ image and credibility.

As there are more and more websites being created every minute, there are lesser unique domain names available for registration these days. And horrors, what if someone else had registered “your” chosen name, the one that you really wanted and had even registered your business as? It happens, more often that you think it does. And then, think about the damage it will cost you when you have build a huge followers or customers offline. Scary isn’t it? Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you should register your site’s domain name as soon as you can.

FatCow web hosting

Free Domain Name

Here is some good news. If you plan to have FatCow host your sites, they are giving you a free domain name – for life. Yes, it is free for as long as you are being hosted by FatCow and no, there are no extra or hidden domain registration fees involved. So, you will be able to “protect” your domain name from being name-napped by those who are trying to rely on your popularity to make a fast buck.

Migration of Domain Names

If you had registered your domain name (with another domain registrar) prior to selecting FatCow, you can always call their customer service for assistance in transferring your domain name over to FatCow’s hosting. On the other hand, if you opt to have your sites be hosted elsewhere, you can always have your domain name transfer away easily. FatCow does not force you to stay with them forever. You are the domain registrant and you get to decide whether you want to stay or not.

Multiple Domain Hosting

FatCow not only gives you a free domain name, you can also host unlimited number of domains under a single account. This is great if you have lots of sites that you are maintaining. Or perhaps you want to register all the variations of your blog name, for example,,, and even Either way, just think about all the site’s web hosting fees that you are saving!

Automated Domain Renewal

If you were worried that you may forget to renew your domain when it’s due, then worry no more if your sites are hosted by FatCow. You see, FatCow has this complimentary service for their customers which reminds them when their domains are about to expire. With just a few clicks on the Control Panel, your domains are as good as renewed. Total awesomeness!

Hence, if you are building your personal or business sites and are looking for ways to reduce your hosting costs, do consider FatCow’s hosting plans, for they specializes in budget web hosting. Currently and for a limited time only, FatCow is offering a special hosting rate of $44/year for web hosting, which amounts to a discount of 53%. This is just $3.67 per month, inclusive of free domain name registration! Hurry up, check out their official website for this best deal!

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