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The lowly-priced iPage hosting plan is packed with bonuses that are valued at hundreds of dollars. It is amazing that when you sign up for the iPage plan, you’ll get a free domain name at absolutely no additional charge! The domain that you’ll get from iPage will be free for life for as long as you stay with them. Even if you do somehow decide to switch to another web hosting provider in the future, you could still have the free domain transferred, provided that your iPage account was still in good standing when you left the web host.

Free domain name

You don’t ever have to worry about renewing your iPage domain name on a yearly basis. All you need to pay is the cost of your web hosting account at iPage, which is pretty much all you need to fork out for the hosting expenses.

Why you should get your own domain name?

You can simply use a free hosting such as or, why should you get your own domain name? There are numerous reasons why you should have your own domain name.

Since most people care about a blog or business having a professional image, you should have your own domain name as it will help in giving you and your business a professional and classy status on the web. This in turn will project a good and trustworthy impression to your potential customers or blog readers when they see your website.

If your business uses sub-domains, your business might appear to be nothing more than a fly-by-night one which doesn’t care about its customers nor can afford to have its own domain name. For bloggers, many new or part time bloggers are satisfied with a free hosting and a sub-domain on or, but for serious players, they always go for their own hosting and domain name. In a nutshell, most potential customers will only trust a business with its own domain name as opposed to a business that uses sub-domain to run a website.

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How to choose a great domain name?

To get the free domain upon signing up with iPage, all you need to do is to provide iPage with your desired domain name for your website. You get to choose your very own domain name without having any restrictions imposed on you. As a hint, choose a domain that is easy to remember, is easily associated with your business or blog and doesn’t contain any hyphens as it merely troubles your visitors having to type these each time. There is also a probability that potential customers are unable to find your website or be directed to the wrong site if they have forgotten to enter the hyphen.

With that said, take advantage of this benefit given by iPage and give your business a head start with a well-thought domain. If you have thought of a great domain name, then do not wait as many great domain names are being snatched up every day. So, don’t wait, otherwise your desired great domain name might not be available anymore tomorrow, or even the next minute!

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