Free Google AdWords Credit for Shinjiru Customers

Shinjiru is now offering a really great deal to all their customers – Free Google AdWords credits worth up to RM300! This is the best time to sign up a Shinjiru hosting plan, since with this FREE Google AdWords coupon, you can advertise your business to get more customers and visitors.

Shinjiru Google AdWords

What is Google AdWords

Reach Targeted Users with Google AdWords

  • Up to RM300 Free Google AdWords Credit, thanks to Shinjiru
  • Leverage online advertising in your target markets
  • Target advertisements across Malaysia, in your own neighborhood or throughout the world
  • Expand your business online instantly
  • No commitments and obligations. You can control your advertisement budget and enjoy flexibility of advertisement
  • Optimize your advertisements with Real-Time Reporting

Google AdWords ads

With Shiniru’s AdWords Coupon, there will be no minimum term or obligations. Once you have used the coupon amount, you are under no obligation to continue. You can stop anytime you want.

How to Redeem the Free AdWords Coupon

Don’t wait, take advantage of the Free Google AdWords coupon, choose one of Shinjiru Web Hosting Plans to get started! Once your web hosting account is activated, Shinjiru will send you the coupon and you will be able to start your advertising campaign!

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today to redeem your free coupon

Shinjiru Malaysia Web Hosting

Shinjiru is one of the earliest web hosting companies in Malaysia. They were established in 1998 and have since been servicing tens of thousands of websites, especially for clients in Malaysia. For last year alone, they have delivered over 1,500 servers and 500 Virtual Private Servers (VPS). That is one server every 6 hourly every day! They are indeed the largest dedicated server web hosting provider in Malaysia! Read more in Malaysia Web Hosting Shinjiru Review.

Shinjiru delivers high quality web hosting services, servers and reliable network with excellent customer support. These have earned them the prestigious ISO9001:2000 quality assurance and also the certification as a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Although Shinjiru is based in Malaysia, they have presence in 8 data centers worldwide. This gives you the widest network choices and makes sure your web services is fast and speedy no matter where your users come from.

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