Free Google AdWords Credits and Other Advertising Credits Offered by FatCow

FatCow is one of the more popular web hosting providers in the industry these days and the reason is simple. FatCow is offering really competitive prices for their hosting plans but at the same time, not compromising the quality of the services that they offer. They not only make building a website easy and fast but also provide us with lots of bonus features.

Free Google Advertising Credits

Free Advertising Credits

FatCow understand that regardless of whether you are building a new site or is already maintaining one, you could do with an extra help in marketing it. Here is a short take at some of FatCow’s bonus features or freebies.

Free $100 Google AdWords Credit

Google AdWords logoThis is a free Google AdWords advertising credit worth as much as $100! With this free Google AdWords credit, you can kick start your marketing campaign by advertising on Google’s network. Your ads will appear in Google’s search result pages, in Google’s products such as Gmail, Groups, and etc, as well as in other websites participating in Google Adsense.

Check out FatCow’s official website to find out more.

Free $25 Yahoo! & Bing Search Credit

Yahoo and Bing logoTo help you maximize your site’s exposure, FatCow is also giving you another $25 credit in another search engine, that’s Yahoo! and its successor Bing. Though there are less people using Bing but of late, their popularity is gaining fast. What’s more importantly, you would not lose anything if your website is being advertised there! Do not lose any traffic from Yahoo and Bing!

Free $50 Facebook Advertising Credit

Facebook logoNo one could doubt that Facebook is currently the largest social networking website in the world. At the recent F8 Conference in September 2011, it was announced that Facebook has more than 800 million users. Imagine the number of people you can reach if you were to advertise there. Hence, I’m sure you would be more than happy to find that a $50 Facebook advertisement credit will be given to each of FatCow’s hosting plans’ new sign-ups.

Free Business Listing in Yellow Pages

Yellowpages logoIf you are planning to build an online business, it is essential that you get your site featured and listed in as many directories as possible. These listings will generate traffic and awareness of your site. With this in mind, FatCow is offering free listing in the popular online directory, Yellow Pages, for their new customers. This is why FatCow is one of the most sort-after hosting providers for small to medium size online businesses, as well as for bloggers.

Free Nextiva Toll-Free Phone Number

Nextiva logoFatCow is constantly looking into providing more value added services for us and the latest addition is a free Nextiva toll-free phone number and up to 100 minutes free per month. Being a virtual phone system, Nextiva allows its users to record call directories, route in-coming calls and create virtual mail boxes easily through its user friendly control panel.

Editor’s Advice

That’s quite a lot of freebies being bundled together isn’t it? I particularly like the free advertising credits as these will help us to kick start our promotion and marketing on a few of the world’s most popular websites, namely Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Facebook.

On top of the free advertising credits, the best part is here… FatCow is currently offering huge discounts off on their hosting plans. So from as little as $56 per year, you get a reliable hosting plan inclusive of the goodies mentioned above. That’s if you sign up for one year. If you sign up for a 2 or 3 year plan, you only need to pay $44 per year, or even less depending on the latest promotions. So don’t let this opportunity go off without checking it first, visit FatCow’s official website now.

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