Free Web Templates from FatCow Web Hosting

If you are planning to set up your blog or online store, here is another reason to check out FatCow’s hosting plans. They have many web templates for you to choose from. FatCow understands how difficult it is for new site owners to build their own websites, especially those who do not have any web designing background and at the same time, do not wish to engage a professional web designer.

FatCow Weekend Sale

So, what FatCow does is to come up with a whole herd of web templates, both free and premium, for their clients to choose. At the last count, there were more than 150 free templates and more than 5,000 premium templates available. So, instead of purchasing templates elsewhere or hiring a website designer’s to help you, you can consider the free web templates at FatCow. With so many web templates being offered, we are sure that there are some which is suitable for your website.

Tips: FatCow uses vDeck control panel for their web hosting accounts. vDeck is features rich and very easy to use. You can basically manage all aspects of your hosting account from this control panel.

Are the free web templates any good?

From what we have experienced, FatCow’s free web templates are not as bad as one would imagine what free templates would be like. In fact, we find that most of them are of good quality. Pretty good for something that comes free!

Check out FatCow’s website to learn more about their free web templates.

But we think that the most important thing about these free web templates is that they are versatile. This means that you can adapt it for use in a personal blog, a company’s website or even on an online store. You don’t have to be a programming wizard to be able to create your own website. No more digging up scripting books at the local bookstores or online and burying your head into HTML and CSS books. FatCow has made it really simple and fool-proof to build your website. With a few mouse clicks you can have your blog or website up and running, and if you wish, you can then further customize your website. In case, you get stuck somewhere, you can always get help from FatCow’s support!

Free Web Icons

FatCow free icons

That’s not all. In addition to the web templates, you also can also download thousands of web icons too (2400+ to be exact). They are cute, beautiful and professionally done. With so many to choose from, you can be sure that there are bound to be some that will suit your purpose or mood. Best of all, they are FREE.

Download these web icons now – at FatCow’s website!

Best Deal from FatCow

Building a new website has never gotten this easy. But if after reading the above, you are still undecided on whether FatCow is your cup of milk, then I am sure this news will help you make up your mind. You see, FatCow is charging only $44 per year, which is less than $4 per month! And, during the weekends, they usually offer further discounts. I love their Weekend Sale, which slashed their web hosting price to $3.15 per month! What’s the catch did you say? Well, the catch is that this unbelievable 65% off offer is only valid during the weekend only.

Oh, did we tell you that there is also a 30-day money back guarantee and a free domain name? Too good to be true? You can always check it out here.

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